Saturday, November 10, 2007

Over the river and through the woods to mom and dad's house we go...

Ok it's not really a river, it's a creek. And there are lots of woods, so I'm good there.

I should wrap up today's events, it was a fun day, I had a great time.

DH and I got up around 6 am this morning as we usually do on weekends and made a big pot of hot coffee and relaxed. DH had gotten most of the laundry done the night before and I had submitted the biggest assignment I have each week--my meteorology. So really we were both free to just hang out Saturday morning. He took the trash to the dump (a favorite hangout for some locals) and when he got home it was my turn--I went over to mom and dad's house.

Mom and dad live about ten minutes away and with the weather being so beautiful and cool recently, dad's decided to take on the task of remodeling their 27 year old Guerdon Statler manufactured home. All I can say is that it's going to be a lot of work. We've got to redo some of the floors, replacing the exterior completely, and put in new insulation. It's expensive and going to be difficult. Dad can't do it alone so I am going to try and get over there and help him.

Anyway my latest task is to figure out how to put up vinyl siding so we can put it up together. Neither of us knows how to do it so we need to figure out NOW so we don't screw it up.

I had a nice visit with grams too--she lives next door. I gave her one of the mulberry candles we bought and she told me it was her favorite Christmas scent. It's hard for her to find them because they are seasonal so next time we go out I'll load up on them for her. Then grams proceeds to empty out her closet of Christmas stuff. She gave me all her lights, ornaments and her Christmas village. She said she doesn't have room for a tree anymore because she uses up all her living room space for her plants, which she brings in from her screened-in porch during the winter. What winter I should have asked! But I said ok and filled my car with the stuff. It's so weird, I went over there with an empty car and trailer pulled behind it so I could bring mom and dad's treadmill home with me. But then I wind up with a car full of stuff grams gave me. I told her I can't use all the lights. She insists I'll find a use for them. I told her I don't have room for the ornaments on our tree. She insists I'll find a way.

I guess I will. These ornaments have been with her since before I was born--I wouldn't dare get rid of them, they're cherished. Besides, they smell like grams house--a nice soft perfumy smell. I will find a place for them somewhere even if I have to put up another tree LOL.

All in all I had a nice visit. Dad's shop looks great, he's been cleaning it up and they poured a concrete addition recently which looks fantastic! Dad's been putting up sliding doors and doing a pretty good job. He said he wished he was forty years younger because now at 61 working outside is much more difficult. But he's doing a good job. Mom looked good too--her hip bothered her at times, she has arthritis and osteoporosis thanks to Crohn's Disease. But she made the best pasta sauce loaded with raisins and italian sausage and meatballs that I'd been waiting an entire week to devour! It's all about the food! No one in this family will ever starve as long as mom's around to cook such great meals!

More to come..a little ranting tomorrow...

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  1. Thanks Jess, you know I love to feed you!!!