Monday, November 12, 2007

Parents who created myspace account for revenge are responsible for girl's death...

Parents like this don't deserve children and should be in prison!

In the story linked above, two parents create a fake myspace account for the purpose of acting as a teenage boy befriending an overweight girl (Megan Meier) who has a serious self-esteem problem and doesn't make friends easily.

The parents created this account for the purpose of getting back at Megan for dumping their daughter as a friend. When the fake teenage boy (aka the parents) tells the overweight girl Megan Meier he doesn't want to be her friend anymore, and after friends taunt her online for being fat and calling her terrible names, she loses it and hangs herself shortly before her birthday.

The rest is in the story, read it. Then puke. Then ask yourself how adults could behave like this and think it's ok.

I can't believe the parents who created the account won't be charged with something. A 14-year old girl doesn't have the capacity to understand the full consequences of her decisions.

A young girl is dead because of the parents who created the fake myspace account. A young girl is dead because their daughter and her friends signed onto the account taunting and cursing at her.

No they may not have meant for her to die, but they knew this young girl very well, they knew of her emotional instability, and they, as adults should have been MORE responsible than this.

Their actions led to her death. The parents who instigated this should be prosecuted. We have to send the message that this will not be tolerated. Period.

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  1. Anonymous11/15/2007

    Dropped in again from the North to see what your blog was on to and was shocked by this story. Read the link and the googled the topic. Seems the town Megan lived in is going to pass an ordinance making this kind of activity a misdeameanor but it won't, of course, apply retroactively.
    Internet Harassment Misdemeanor a story on the St Louis Fox TV website