Monday, November 19, 2007

Thank you Tony Boselli...

I know nothing about the career of former NFL star Tony Boselli. I only know I'd hear his name 20 times a week when he played for the Jags. I'm not a Jags fan so I don't know much about him.

Except that he and his wife are very generous people.

Tony Boselli didn't go out and engage in dog fights, murder anyone, or gamble illegally on his own team. He took his winnings, made a gracious exit into retirement and decided to do some great things for others.

Enter Jacksonville City Councilwoman Denise Lee who is protesting the Boselli Foundation's renovation of an old dilapidated building for the purpose of establishing an afterschool program-one which the city really needs and gets kids off the street!

Aren't we all talking about how the children are our future and how we have to do everything we can to make sure they have a good education, a good upbringing, good morals and values, respect, and consideration for others?

Here's a man who is trying to help do that by giving some kids a chance. And along comes some idiot councilwoman who is pissed off because nobody invited her to the party for a share in the glory. And because of that she's trying to push the City Council into NOT giving Mr. Boselli's foundation a lease to the recreation center. She believes that the city should be running it and not a private foundation.

Of course nobody can seem to reach her for comment. No big shocker there.

Frankly if I were a resident of that area I'd much rather take my chances with Mr. Boselli's private foundation running things. I don't believe ever in the history of this country has the government been successful at running ANYTHING better than a private business has been able to do.

I don't know Tony Boselli and I don't live in Jacksonville but even I thank him for his generosity to his former community and for caring enough about people to give more than just self-serving lip service to help them!

If this has done anything besides helping these kids and the community it has likely served to eventually boot yet another incompetent piece of dog squeeze out of office at the next election!

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  1. Maybe we could Taser that woman in the groin until she comes to her senses? Or dies of heart failure. One or the other. Either way, the government has no business trying to raise anyone's kids. They'll slap them in plastic seats and keep them there 24 hours a day saying, "it saves lives to restrain people and never let them be free."