Friday, November 02, 2007

Who says bitching does no good?

While the University of Delaware insists they've done nothing wrong, they've canceled their so-called "diversity education program" amidst cries of outrage over alleged indoctination and reverse racism.

My thoughts are that if they truly believed there was nothing wrong with it, they would have kept the program. The fact that the institution even allowed this course to be taught in the first place shows a serious lack of judgment at all levels.

And by the way, Dr. Shakti Butler, who authored the training materials is defined as multiracial because she is of African, American Indian, Russian and Jewish descent.

Well then we're ALL multiracial aren't we? Why do I have to mark "white" when I have a variety of heritages? I'm an American of Romanian, Jewish, Sicilian, Italian, German, English, Irish, Scotch, Native American, and possibly even Dutch and Russian extraction.

But of course because my skin color is slightly on the peachy side, I can't be multiculti-it's not allowed.

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