Monday, December 10, 2007

Florida's attempt at new state songs bites...

Florida's picking a new state song because apparently Stephen Foster's "Old Folks at Home" is too racist. Gee, I've seen the lyrics, sang "Way upon the Suwannee River" when I was a kid, never sounded racist to me. Oh sure, it's written in Uncle Remus but the language reflected the times in which it was written.

Click here to listen to the three choices up for Florida's new state song which is designed to reflect our "diversity"

My opinion:

"Where the sawgrass meets the sky"


"My Florida Home'

Sucks. But not as bad as the sawgrass meets the sky one--ewww!

"Florida, My Home"

Sucks. But not as bad as My Florida Home and definitely not as bad as the sawgrass one.

All the talent we have in this state and we can't come up with something better? Florida needs something "folksy" and something to reflect it's "southern" heritage. So far what they've chosen as the finalists really bites. We can only hope that they'll dump these three and keep searching.

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  1. Florida has a state song they should leave well enough alone. But the whole world is fucked up why should Florida be any different.