Saturday, December 08, 2007

For me the semester is O-V-E-R!

Well I finished the three final exams and my official grades this term are two A's and a B+. Ok ok so I'm spoiled by having earned nothing but A's and one B these last three years, but considering that the Meteorology class was really difficult, I think that B+ is fine with me! My GPA is now 3.63.

Woo hooo!!!

I need a break. Funny thing is that I feel like celebrating and yet all I want to do is NOTHING! No classes, no homework, no studying, NOTHING until January 3rd. My friend and former professor Diana suggested I either take the time to relax and catch up on reading and doing fun things I enjoy OR spend the time catching up on other stuff. I vote for the fun stuff. For me that includes finishing "A Tale of Two Cities" and then jumping into Sinclair's "The Jungle" followed by none other than Sherlock Holmes volume II.

Yeah I know it sounds terribly exciting eh? But a little egg nog and butterscotch schnapps, some warm candles, a toasty house, and a kitty kat sprawled across my lap in my lazy boy chair works for me.

Now I gotta check up on Kelly to see how she's doing in school this term.


  1. Congrats! You are one smart cookie. Enjoy your break while you can!

  2. You've earned every minute you have of being able to relax and unwind. I remember Sinclair Lewis' The Jungle, it was really something to remember, and not a pleasant book, but it was based on the truth.

    Anyway, enjoy being home and having some spare time, I hope we'll get a few minutes of this LOL!!

  3. Congratulations on the great grades... you deserve to do nothing!

  4. Hey girl! Congrats on your grades! I had two finals last week, and have three more this coming week. So far, I know all of my averages are A's ... let's hope they all stay that way!

    BTW, you should check out my blog. I left you a little somethin'.

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