Friday, December 07, 2007

Blame it on whitey...

Looks like the police in Baltimore found no evidence the woman beat up on the bus did anything to provoke the little bastards so now they're looking into her assault as a hate crime.

The mother of one of the little juvenile bastards said that the woman had spit in the face of one of the girls which caused the TEENAGE middle schoolers (yeah you heard that--teenagers in middle school!!) to jump on her, beat the shit out of her, break down the back door of the bus and drag her out into the street.

Authorities have released the little bastards into their parents custody and are charging them as juveniles. I think they should be in JAIL and charged as ADULTS. It was only a few weeks ago that another group of juvenile perps in Edgewood Maryland assaulted a man with a baseball bat so bad that it paralyzed him. It's time to crack down and show these little bastards they're not going to get away with this just because they're under the age of 18.

I don't have to tell you what the outrage would be if this had been 9 pasty white kids beating up on a black woman, do I? Jesse, Al and the gang would already be there raising a fuss. Of course it's ok for these kids to beat up a white woman because they've been persecuted and treated unjustly for so long, the fear and anger is bound to unleash itself.

Same old story. Blame it on whitey.


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