Thursday, December 27, 2007

I don't pay any mind to movie critics...


Because some critics panned National Treasure Book of Secrets and I Am Legend and we really enjoyed both of them. I'm no critic but I highly recommend both. The only movie critic I ever liked was Joel Siegel. I wonder what he would have said about these films? I bet you he would have liked both.

We did see the preview for the new Rambo movie---same old thing, it's cool to see a nearly 60 year old guy out there kicking some serious ass though. Also saw a preview for a movie with Martin Lawrence where he takes his girlfriend back home to meet his family. OMG that movie looks HILARIOUS!! James Earl Jones plays his father, now have you ever seen a movie with James Earl Jones that wasn't good?

DH and I were laughing so hard during the preview, we forgot it wasn't the movie we were there to see!

Anyway, we don't do movies very often but decided since we're on vacation, "what the heck" and since the matinees were only $5 how could we resist? Of course, while we paid a total of $10 each for both movies, we paid $28 for one small coke, one bottled water, two large cokes, two packs of M&M's and one popcorn. And oh yeah, we have to POUR our own soda and POUR the butter on the popcorn ourselves.

WTF are we paying them all that money for? For that kind of dough, I want someone to do the work for me!


  1. Anonymous12/28/2007

    We really want to see National Treasure. Bobbie Lynn saw it tonight and she liked it as well. We just have to find a time when the whole family can go???--ST

  2. I've decided most critics are really clueless. The worst is Pat Collins of WWOR-TV.. not exactly amajor media outlet, but she always gets quoted. Why? Because she praises the WORST movies. Who else would call Shrek 3 "the best Shrek yet"? I even did a post about her on my own blog.

    Keep up the great work, Jess!