Friday, December 28, 2007

The more things change...

the more they stay the same. Funny but true.

Last night DH and I were listening to one of my over 5,000 old time radio shows, the latest being the CBS Radio Mystery Theatre series. The show was hosted by E.G. Marshall and premiered January 6, 1974, which was in fact the show we listened to last night. One of the great things about these radio shows is that I get to hear old news broadcasts and commercials. Last night's show from the 6th of January contained some great commercials for the VA Hospital (working for vets!) the Better Business Bureau (working for Americans) and Budweiser Beer.

Now when's the last time you heard a beer commercial on radio? Heck that'd be about the time I remember liquor commercials on television!

As we listened to the news broadcast, I shook my head and turned to DH and said "gee, nothing changes does it?"

So...what was in the news on January 6, 1974?

-Nixon refusing to turn over subpoenaed materials to Watergate committee
-OPEC oil embargo
-Nixon signs 55 mph speed into law to save on oil
-Energy crisis prompts daylight savings time to commence four months early
-Gas stations have long lines and fun out of fuel
-Promotion of solar power and windmills
-Massive flooding as a result of rainstorms in California's Topanga Valley
-Unrest in the middle east
-Earthquake in Lima Peru kills
-Tex Ritter is buried

Let's see--government corruption, energy crisis, natural disasters, turmoil in the middle east, and dead celebrities.

Things really don't change all that much do they?

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  1. Anonymous12/29/2007

    Very funny. That's one reason I don't listen to the news much anymore. I've heard it all before ;) ST