Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Politicians who have nothing better to do...

Florida state Senator Gary Siplin is again introducing legislation which would ban low-hanging baggy pants in the public school system. The bill calls for suspension and/or expulsion if a student breaks the rule.

Why do we need politicians introducing legislation to ban low-hanging baggy pants from public schools? Isn't there such thing as a school dress code? And doesn't each school district have such a thing? Yes, and the teachers, parents, and students within individual districts should be the ones discussing these decisions, and it's up to school administrators to enforce them.

You might be asking what harm it would cause if the state legislature did pass such a bill.

The harm comes in yet one more piece of idiotic legislation on the books. Don't we already have enough ridiculous government intervention in our lives? Don't these yahoos have more pressing issues to tend to?

When will they get it?


  1. If mom and/or dad gave there kids a swift kick in the ass they would pull those pants up. and a few more kicks they would keep them up.

  2. I agree. Idiots in government try to justify their existence by perpetually declaring new crisis and claiming another law will fix it. No it won't. It always makes everything worse.

  3. Anonymous12/15/2007

    I suppose politicians think they can keep passing insane laws to distract us from the fact that they fail to solve the real problems. Unfortunately, this plan seems to work. I agree with you. I am so sick of the government interferring in our lives on such mundane issues. If that's all they can do, they may as well close down the state capital and go home.--ST