Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Senseless killing of Tatiana, the Siberian tiger...

I can't wrap my mind around this story about the killing of Tatiana the Siberian Tiger at the San Francisco zoo.

Tatiana killed a teenage boy and attacked two other individuals, and police chased it and yelled "stop!" before it turned to attack them.

By the way, WHo yells STOP! to a Siberian tiger?

Why couldn't they shoot the tiger with a tranquilizer gun? Was it necessary to kill her?

Police are investigating the idea that visitors might have been taunting the tiger and possibly helped it get out by putting a board in the moat.

Animals don't have the ability to rationalize as people do. The idea of killing an animal which kills a person doesn't make sense to me. I've read that it's a myth that once a wild animal gets a taste for human flesh, it never goes back. Animals attack for a reason---for food, to protect themselves, their young, their territory. When an animal feels threatened it will attack. Humans do the same thing but the difference is we can rationalize danger, they can't.

Worse case, they could tranquilize these animals and release them in the wild in the habitat of their native country. It seems so senseless to murder them for protecting themselves.

It's no secreat---I'm not a zoo person, in fact I loathe zoos. I know that many zoos do a wonderful job of protecting and caring for the animals, and trying to create as natural a habitat for them. I know that many zoos protect countless wild animals from extinction and work hard to educate the public in order to create more awareness.

Given that, I just don't believe in caging a wild animal, I just don't think it's right. And I don't believe in killing a wild animal (that isn't sick) because it's attacked a human being. I mean we humans have taken these animals out of their natural habitats and forced them to live in cages. We have forced them to adapt to a habitat that is not their own, not naturally, anyway.

Really now, what do we expect?


  1. What a heart-breaking story. My sentiments are exactly the same as yours, I think it was ignorant and cruel to kill this beautiful animal when most likely she was only defending herself.

  2. Anonymous12/27/2007

    Couldn't they have just Tas'd the tiger/

  3. I pray for Tatiana the Siberian Tiger, and I ask you to do the same, this prayer will make us all better.

    Many people would say - "crazy idiots, what if that mean tiger killed you!"

    Listen, I'm still alive, I'm still not eaten by tigers or sharks. And you know why? Because I try to leave them alone.

    Inglish from Gods Prayers.