Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a small world...

What did we do before Al Gore invented the internet?

Some time ago, I posted this post about this office chair I had which I purchased from Office Depot that broke in half. You can click on the word post there to read all about it. Office Depot was no help, they basically had a "f*ck you" attitude. I can't believe how many people have commented on that post since that time (they're still commenting!) and so now I realize that a multitude of people purchased the same shitty chair from OD, not just me!

I wrote a lengthy email to Steve Odland, CEO of Office Depot and he never replied (surprise!). So I said "f*ck it" I'm not shopping there again. Office Depot just lost a customer because their customer service SUCKS! I can't believe the dumbass asked me WHY I didn't buy the extended protection plan?

On a $119 chair? They're friggin out of their minds. If they need one on a $119 chair, then something is seriously wrong.

I learned from Clark Howard that the best retaliation when you can't get anyone to listen to you, is to just use your power as a consumer. And that's just what I did...I started shopping at Office Depot's competitor, no problem for me.

Day of Silence for Bloggers...except me.

Found this on the web the other day. It was about everyone not blogging for one day, April 30th.

Silence can say more than a thousand words.

This day shall unite us all about this unbelievable painful & shocking event and show some respect and love to those who lost their loved ones.

On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech. More then 30 died at the US college massacre.

But it´s not only about them. Many bloggers have responded and asked about all the other victims of our world. All the people who die every day. What about them?

This day can be a symbol of support to all the victims of our world!

All you have to do is spread the word about it and post the graphic on your blog on 30th April 2007. No words and no comments. Just respect, reflect and empathy

Oh it's not that I am not sympathetic, actually I am very sympathetic to real victims and I am hoping that's what they meant. I consider victims people who are directly harmed by some event which they had no control over. But in this country nowadays there seems to be a rather broad definition of victims. What happened at VT is a terrible thing, we should learn from it. We should learn to fight back so we don't become victims. Maybe we will anyway, who knows? But if I'm going to be a victim I'm taking the perp down with me if I can.

I think silence on behalf of victims is sort of opposite what we should be doing which is being vocal about it, very vocal and nobody's more vocal than the bloggers.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

In the words of John Adams...

"In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress."

Where is my Congress? Why is there so much pork tied into the bill to fund troops? Why is there a deadline required in this bill? Why is there more interest in the phone book of the DC madam than to other more pressing matters? Why are our troops not being allowed to do their job? Why is Congress not seriously looking into the issue of overtaxation of Americans? Why aren't they looking into a more fair tax system like the FairTax? Why hasn't the problem of social security been solved? Why are we still encouraging American business to outsource to other countries?


When will we, the American people have the guts to do something about what's going on up there in Washington? What will it take for us to just really get pissed off enough to take a stand? And when we take the stand, WHAT exactly will we do?

Friday, April 27, 2007

George Tenet speaks...

George Tenet's got a new book out that says the Bush Administration went to war without sufficient intel.

Oh my! As director of the CIA, Tenet was ultimately responsible for whatever bad intel came out of there, instead, the President let him retire with accolades. It always bothered me that he wasn't held responsible. I mean, he's the head guy, the big enchilada, the HMFWIC (as dad would say), and he walked away with a cushy federal retirement and a big book deal.

What's wrong with this picture?


These people get free passes.....doesn't matter which party they are loyal to or who appointed them in which administration, I'm just sick of them getting away with this shit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More reasons Rosie O'Donnell sucks...

I was watching a few rebroadcasts of excerpts of episodes of the View with Rosie on her usual rant and I found two particularly interesting episodes:


Rosie and Elizabeth were discussing the war on terror and 9-11. Elizabeth asks Rosie "do you believe that the government had anything to do with the attack on 9-11?"

Rosie replied "I do believe it's the first time in history fire has ever melted steel. I do believe it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower seven which collapsed in and on itself. It is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives involved. World Trade Center one and two got hit by planes--World Trade Center seven, first time in history steel is melted by is physically impossible"

(Yes, steel does melt, of course at what temperature is debated by way too many people.)


Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselback were discussing the Patriot Act and Elizabeth says she agrees with the Patriot Act and Rosie replies to her "you are very young and very wrong" and Elizabeth took offense and says she is thirty years old and she is not "young" and Rosie replies:

"It's the way I am able to be on this live broadcast and love and support you despite of the fact I disagree so abhorrently with most of the thinkgs you believe. So it is what I tell myself in order to not get into the rage I feel at some of the ignorant comments"

(Rosie O'Donnell is a mentally unstable freak. She wants respect but she doesn't give it. Over and over again she's insulted and belittled Elizabeth because she disagrees with Elizabeth's views. I don't always agree with Elizabeth either, but how disrespectful to tell someone they are "too young" because you don't agree with them? Geez since when is 30 years old "too young?")

No more problems though, Rosie's leaving "The View"

Good Riddance.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Want to attend Employee Appreciation Day? just have to take annual leave or make up the time...

One of the largest departments at an institution has an employee appreciation day. They want to thank them for all their hard work (yada yada yada)

Interestingly enough, one smaller department within the larger department tells their employees they have to either come in early or take annual leave to attend. Yet, the director's office states no, if a person is attending they do not need to take annual leave or make up the time.

Ok, so what's up with that?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Damn the ham!

Quote of the day:

"That ham sandwich in a bag where we couldn't even see might as well have been that pig's head," said one of the traumatized Somali students."

Even BETTER Quote of the day:

"These children have got to learn that ham is not a toy, and that there are consequences for being nonchalant about where you put your sandwich."

"Placing ham where Muslim students were eating as an awful thing," said Stephen Wessler, the executive director of the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence.

"It's extraordinarily hurtful and degrading. They probably felt like they were back in Mogadishu starving and being shot at. No child, Muslim or normal, should have to endure touching a ham sandwich."Wessler continued, "incidents like this that involve degrading language or conduct are often said by the perpetrator as a joke. But unfortunately we don't live in a world where young children try to be funny, we live in a society in which these types of actions always escalate into violence against minorities."

"If people think insulting Muslims with ham is okay, more degrading acts will follow. The Jews had to go through the same thing when the Nazis would force-feed them bacon; do we really want our schools to become concentration camps?"Added Levesque, "the incidint does not reflect the moral values of the school staff and students. We need to take a look at this and review how a careless act is degrading and causes hurt to other people. All our students should feel welcome in our schools, knowing that they are safe from attacks with ham, bacon, porkchops, or any other delicious meat that comes from pigs."


I suppose the city of Lewiston will now be working on the nation's first "Anti-Ham Response Plan" perhaps President Bush can appoint a "Ham Czar?"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

It sure is a hell of a way to get time off from work...

My best friend Deb fell down the stairs and broke her nose and her collarbone. And so she's home resting. Wish her well won't ya? Thank goodness she's ok. I don't know what I'd do without her. We've been through so much together, and there's so much more mischief to get into in this life, who else could I get into it with?


Love ya like a sis Deb, get well soon ok? :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

One goes down the other goes up...

The good news is that we got our electric bill down from $165 to $118, and that's including taxes and the co-op membership fee. We went from 1561 kwh per day to 1102, not bad. We don't use the dryer if we can help it and the weather has been nice we don't really need the A/C or heat.

The bad news is that our BP bill went up by $65. In fact, we received our gas bill the other day. BP now puts the number of gallons pumped on the bill so I did some math. Seems the price creeped up 31 cents per gallon from March 17th to April 13th. It steadily went up in the six times we went to the pump. I knew it went up but a penny per day average?Unbelievable!

So much for decreasing our carbon footprint LOL!

Friday, April 20, 2007

You never know where you will find a good friend...

Along this path in life
I have met a few wonderful people known as friends
Who have made me smile
Who I felt I could be myself around
Who I could talk to and laugh with
And not have to worry about impressing
You have been one of those few people.
You're just a great person, intelligent, outgoing, personable, honest,
It's no wonder people like you so much.
We have shared many laughs and good talks--
Talks we probably wouldn't have had with others
Just because sometimes you can't talk to just anyone about just anything that is on your mind
Thanks for encouraging me, for being there to talk to, for making me laugh and smile
And most of all for being my friend and accepting me for the somewhat insane, opinionated, complicated, moody, and yes, even sometimes bitchy person I can be at times.
A simple thanks is never enough, but you know it is.
So thanks :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

How colleges are failing our undergraduate students...

"Many of the authors deplore the lack of any overarching purpose in the undergraduate curriculum. As Allan Bloom declares, "There is no vision, nor is there a set of competing visions, of what an educated human being is." In the words of Bill Readings, "The story of liberal education has lost its organizing center--has lost, that is, the idea of culture as both origin and goal, of the human sciences." Without a compelling, unifying purpose, universities are charged with allowing their curricula to degenerate into a vast smorgasbord of elective courses. Knowledge itself has splintered into a kaleidoscope of separate academic specialities with far too little effort to integrate the fragments, let alone show students how they might connect. Hence the education offered undergraduates has become incoherent and incapable of addressing the larger questions"of what we are and what we ought to be" a point elaborated at length by Bruce Wilshire in his Moral Collapse of the University."


"A number of the detractors have pilloried universities for cheapening their students education by allowing intellectual standards to deteriorate. As they see it, discourse on campus is seriously inhibited by the orthodoxies of political correctness. Affirmative Action has undermined the integrity of faculty hiring. The great canonical masterpieces of literature have been downgraded to make room for lesser works whose principal virtue seems to be that they were authored by women, African Americans, or Third World writers."


"A final complaint accuses the faculty of neglecting their students. Authors such as Charles Sykes in Profscam have assailed tenured professors for caring only about their research and appointing new colleagues almost entirely for their scholarly reputations, with little heed to the quality of their teaching. The few young faculty members who manage to inspire their students are regularly passed over for promotion. Meanwhile, according to the authors, professors content themselves with lecturing to large audiences, leaving the real teaching to inexperienced graduate students in small sections. Lost in the crowd, many undergraduates finish college without knowing a single faculty member well enough to ask for a letter of recommendation."

...excerpts from "Our Underachieving Colleges" by Dr. Derek Bok, President Emeritus, Harvard University

This book discusses what is wrong with undergraduate education in America. We are cheating young people out of a challenging liberal arts education. There are thousands of students turned out into the world with Bachelors degrees each year who cannot write at the college level nor are they capable of analytical and critical thinking. I have personally known undergraduate students who somehow aced their way through their undergraduate program without having to do much work. How can this happen? One of the reasons is that many liberal arts courses are being made easier and students aren't having to work as hard. What value is an "A" to the student who works hard and puts out high quality work if half the class never shows up, turns in half decent work and also earns an "A"? What to high grades mean anymore if everyone gets them?

I've talked to students who have a hard time in grad school because they didn't have to work as hard in their undergraduate program. They were unprepared for the rigorous challenge of graduate coursework. I've seen students who can't spell, can't write a simple research paper and can't make higher than a "C" in English Comp courses yet they graduate with an undergraduate degree? How is it possible? A person can't possibly write coherent research papers if they earned C's or below in the courses which TEACH them how to do it!

A well-rounded undergrad liberal arts education makes a student a better person overall. They can write, organize thoughts, research, and perform analytical and critical thinking. They can also view problems from many angles and are more able to develop solutions.

For example:

My freshman comp course taught me the basics of organizing my writing, and how to properly research and cite sources.

My writing for literature taught me to analyze writing, perform critical thinking, AND even poetry which I once loathed was probably one of the single most fascinating analytical challenges in my English courses. I learned to understand the meaning, rather than reading mere words. I learned to read between the lines, ask questions...

My advanced composition class challenged me to write better and put what I learned in the first two courses to work. It's no wonder I earned A's in all three courses.

My social problems class taught me to THINK OUTSIDE my normal realm of thinking. I took the course for the sole purpose of learning how to look at society's problems from a solution-oriented point of view rather than a political point of view. When I kept telling myself that (and my best friend Deb told me to keep it in mind too!) it worked. I learned so much, and I am applying what I learned every day.

My Art History courses, one being western world and the other non western have opened upt he world to me and other cultures. Learning about ancient and other cultures, religions, governments, rituals, helped me understand more about human beings and how we evolved. Art History is extremely important to understanding the evolution of mankind. But I wouldn't have realized it until I took the two courses.

The list goes on and on....

Every course especially in the Humanities, is IMPORTANT and if taken with the mindset of getting something out of it that one can apply to one's life and to the world, can be interesting and challenging and not just a course that fufills gen ed or elective requirements. Students should be advised to take courses for the purpose of personal, professional, and even spiritual growth and not just to fulfill graduation requirements. Sadly, many students take courses for the purpose of doing the least amount of work required. What is worse is they are encouraged to do it!!!

These are the people who will run our government, education, health care, and big business in the future.

Scary eh?

What happened to quality over quantity? Former UF President John Lombardi once envisioned a day when UF enrollment would hit 50,000. Great, we are nearly there, but what has it cost us? Larger classes so crowded students sit on windowsills? More graduate assistants performing teaching duties, more videotape and web-based courses because faculty positions go unfilled due to budget cuts? Fewer promotions for those professors who excel in "teaching" but simply don't publish enough journal articles which make their department, college and university look prestigious? Students who graduate but barely have the grades to get into grad school and worse can barely even write a coherent term paper?

Dr. Bok's book is an eye-opener. I'm not necessarily promoting the book so people will buy it, I'm promoting the problems which exist. We need to find viable solutions before the problem is so far out of control it's too late. Each of us has a stake in the success of education in America. Many people are focused on the K-12 public schools and rightly so, but few think about or even know a problem exists within the undergraduate college establishment.

This book should be read by parents sending their children to college, current undergrads, future teachers, the public in general, and most of all---UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTS!

To continue to sacrifice the quality of undergraduate education is to sacrifice the future of America.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nikki Giovanni? A poet? More like a publicity whore!

I wanted this post to have its own title separate from my other post about the weight loss. This deserves it's own title.

So-called poet and VT professor Nikki Giovanni's political diatribe had no business in the midst of a memorial for the victims.

“We are Virginia Tech. We are sad today and we will be sad for quite awhile. WE are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning. We are Virginia Tech. We are strong enough to know when to cry and sad enough to know we must laugh again. We are Virginia Tech. We do not understand this tragedy. We know we did not deserve it but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, but neither do the invisible children walking the night to avoid being captured by a rogue army. Neither does the baby elephant watching his community be devastated for ivory; neither does the Appalachian infant in the killed in the middle of the night in his crib in the home his father built with his own hands being run over by a boulder because the land was destabilized. No one deserves a tragedy. We are Virginia Tech. The Hokier Nation embraces our own with open heart and hands to those who offer their hearts and minds. We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid. We are better than we think, not quite what we want to be. We are alive to the imagination and the possibility we will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears, through all this sadness. We are the Hokies. We will prevail, we will prevail. We are Virginia Tech. "

The word poet is used so LOOSELY in America today. I've read Nikki Giovanni, she's no poet. Nikki Giovanni is the result of political correctness gone wild thanks to radical feminists. Nikki Giovanni is just another attempt at multiculti at American's institutions of higher education.

Oy vey!

It's about accountability...

Time to get serious again. Deb and I started our Tuesday lunches on a regular basis again, we had so much going on that we just weren't being consistent. We love to have lunch in my office, chitchat about this and that, and push each other to be the best we can be. We weighed today and thank God neither of us gained, of course neither lost either. She only has a few more to go, I still have about 40 more to lose. I've lost 53 so far, that's a big deal but not big enough. I was on a roll but let life get in the way. I haven't walked regularly in the mornings since back in November. Enough is enough, I need to get rid of this and move on. So I am getting up at 4 am tomorrow morning and walking. I've got to do this. And I've got to eat right too, I have to get back in the swing of it. I am continuing doing my weight watchers online, it's great. And Deb and I are logging our food again. It's about accountability. I ordered some clothes online today and tried them on and they just didn't look right. That's when I realized, I have to keep going.

And so I am. Please my friends and family please keep pushing me to continue my forward momentum! I CAN DO THIS!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey my prom sucked too, so what?


UF's "Pride Student Union" threw a "Queer ball" recently for those who didn't enjoy their high school prom, those who didn't get to go with whom they really wanted to go with (same gender) and didn't get to wear what they really wanted to wear (you know boys being able to wear dresses and makeup and girls getting to wear tuxes).

I didn't enjoy my high school prom. But nobody invited me to this event. In a graduating class of only 32, I couldn't get a date because 1) I wasn't allowed to date in high school, 2) if I could, the last boys I would have gone out with were my male classmates and 3) none of them would have gone out with me anyway nor I them. Let's see the ones who were nice were taken, the rest were either not my type or I wasn't theirs or they were just assholes.

I was a smart girl, news editor of my high school paper, on the yearbook staff, and sure I got into minor trouble my early years in high school. But there was nothing wrong with me, well of course there was nothing wrong if you don't count that I wasn't a cheerleader, or member of the FFA, FHA, FBLA, Beta Club, or Band.

I didn't go to my junior prom but I did attend the senior prom. My senior year was a pretty good one for me, I was well-behaved. And I wanted a date. I mean hell after spending $200 for a JCPenney knockout cobalt blue tea length dress (while the other girls spent much more on Jessica McClintock), $50 for silver heels, and $35 for a "new do" I was going to have a date. (See below, not a bad pic eh?)

I went with a guy who was in one of my classes, was one year younger and a sophomore (flunked one year), and a genuinely nice guy. He was a tall, handsome a nice guy. We were just friends and so I asked him and he said sure, and he meant it. We were friends, he wanted to have fun so we went. Imagine when I walked into the prom with a OMG SOPHOMORE! We went with two friends of ours Debbie and Paul. We hung out with them most of the time. The rest of the guys and girls in my class hung out with their dates and the rest of their popular crowd.

Everybody had a "crowd" but me. Go f*cking figure.

Anyway, my date was a really nice guy, we had fun with our friends Debbie and Paul and we left the prom early. We didn't go to the big breakfast afterwards, they took me home, I was home by 11 pm.

Could prom have been better? Probably.

So add me to the list of people whose proms sorta sucked. I'm feeling a little shunned that PSU had their own special prom and we members of the non-queer-but-our-proms-sucked-too crowd weren't invited.

What's up with that?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scarred for life? Oy!

I thought I'd seen and heard it all regarding the whole Imus-Rutgers thing but when I watched a replayed Rutgers women's basketball team press conference where freshman player Matee Ajavon said she was "scarred for life" by Don Imus's comments.

Oy vey! For a woman who escaped bloodshed in Liberia as a child and who played with a steel rod in her leg this year, you'd think Matee being called a "nappy headed ho" by some know-nothing dumbass like Imus couldn't POSSIBLY be the worst thing that's ever happened to her or will happen to her in her life.

Scarred for life? I should be after watching her stupid remarks during that press conference.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What makes a Reverend?

Since when does preaching a sermon at the age of four and being licensed and ordained at the age of ten make someone a reverend? Apparently in Al Sharpton's world it does. Bishop F.D. Washington ordained Al Sharpton when he was ten years old.

Sorry but for me that doesn't count.

And as far as Jesse Jackson, he did attend the Chicago Theological ministry from 1963-1965 but dropped out six months before graduation to march in Selma Alabama with Martin Luther King. His bio says he became an ordained minister two months after Dr. King was assassinated in 1968--even though he had not finished his coursework.

Both men are corrupt and completely undeserving of the title Reverend. And now Sharpton is making it his personal mission to destroy talk radio.

We've got to do something about this.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rutgers basketball team, Imus, get over it and move on...

To the Rutgers Lady Basketball Team:

GET OVER IT! So Imus called you nappy headed ho's, hell who gives a flying rat's ass? What? You're not woman enough to handle remarks from a nut job? You're hurt by his remarks? You're going to meet with him?

Wahh, get over yourself. I'm sure that being referred to as a nappy headed ho' isn't going to maim you for life, it isn't going to affect your career, and it's not the end of the world. If it does, you're just plain stupid.

And to Don Imus:

You're an asshole period and it has nothing to do with your comment. You're also boring, you lack substance, you're rude and your show sucks. You've been spewing bullshit for years, this isn't even the stupidest comment you've ever made. You pride yourself in free speech so now I am wondering why you are suddenly apologizing for your words? Why now? Why after all the years of hate and insults are you apologizing? And of all people whose show you appear on----the racist Al Sharpton? WTF?

I think both parties in this are just plain stupid and those in the media making a big hype out of it are stupid too.

Have a nice day :)


She who doesn't give a shit about Imus, Sharpton, or Rutgers basketball.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dozens of animals perish in Jacksonville Humane Society fire...

There's a story on Jacksonville.Com today about the terrible fire at the main building of the Jacksonville, FL Humane Society.

According to the site, as of yesterday, 91 animals were still unaccounted for, including 69 cats and 12 puppies, as well as rabbits, ferrets and a bird - were likely killed in the blaze.

The building burned to the ground, many dogs survived because their kennels were in the back and shielded by a firewall but firefighters confirm that nearly all the cats housed in the animal shelter perished in the fire, along with dozens of other types of animals.

Like DH said, where were the F*CKING fire sprinklers???

It's so sad. But you know it's amazing how people have come out of the woodwork to make donations to help rebuild.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Working outside feels great!


In the past two weeks Vin and I have done so much yardwork and it looks great. We bought garden soil, mulch, some bulbs, elephant ear tubers, cypress mulch, and some gardening tools we needed. Oh yeah we also bought two New Guinea Impatiens and four Indian Hawthorn bushes, which I can't wait to plant since they grow great in Florida and birds and butterflies love them.

I pruned the azaleas in front of the house, they were growing tall but not bushy, and they tried to bloom but as soon as they did, which was in January because it was so warm, and damn it if it didn't get really cold and freeze soon after and we lost the buds. So I just went ahead and pruned them down to about 5-6 inches. It looks bare now in front of the house but....we mulched them, fertilized with the granules, and they should grow back bigger and better. We also mulched and fertilized the gardenias which, like the azaleas, were desperate for some acidity!

We've watered really good cause it's been dry here. We have hundreds of oak trees so we raked leaves into the circular drive since no grass grows there. In fact we're not going to use that drive anymore and instead use the one that goes through the woods and behind our house. We planted some flower bulbs--Amaryllis and Dahlia. Also planted four elephant ear tubers. We trimmed trees, got rid of dead and real low hanging branches and cleared out those damn pesky grapevines and other vines with thorns on them!!

And so with that much done so far, no more this weekend. I have a paper to finish and a quiz to take. We're hosting the departmental graduate spring barbecue on April 21st and so not only is it motivation to get all the work done but it makes us feel good too. We hosted the barbecue at the cottage on five acres we lived in before, but now we have a much bigger place, more woods, more open space and it's going to be GREAT!

So until next time....I'm going to do some research on these damn pesky vines, I hate them!

Thursday, April 05, 2007 do 490 government laptops just go "poof" into thin air?

490 IRS laptops, are missing. So much for our personal information eh? Only the federal government......

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Working with assholes...

Ok have you ever worked with someone who is a complete and total asshole? Oh my God I can imagine the mass numbers of you raising your hands and shouting "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooohhh Mistah Cotta, Mistah Cotta!" .....ok ok Horshack shut the fuck up. We get it. You've worked with complete and total assholes before. Now where was I?

Oh yeah.

Now remember the feeling you had working with this person, knowing that because said person was in a position much higher than you, and ruled you, you had one of two choices, you either shut the fuck up and hope to GOD you found a better job or you just said "screw it" and told that person off. Of course the latter would make you feel really good temporarily but unemployment sucks and thoughts of that keep you from doing it. So every day you silently prayed "oh please Lord, let a house fall on her", because after all one already fell on her sister so it is possible. And yet every day you came to work and there was that person, sans the black cape and hat, but still quite there...

Now remember the feeling when you decided "fuck this I'm outta here" and you were able to to transfer to another department with good and decent people, a higher salary, and a window view? You know that "happy place" where the people like and respect you and you them? And more than anything, the best part was knowing that each and every day when you walked into your office, you would no longer have to see the asshole and start praying for houses to fall out of the sky.

Beautiful wasn't it? Like the sky opened up and God smiled upon you.

Yeah ok, whatever!

Now just imagine a building just fell on your head, not a skyscraper, but a tall building, one made of stone, quite dense with lots of windows for sound effect. Yeah it hurts but you'll live. That sound you make when it happens is "oh shit!" and the feeling you get from the pain of the hit is awfully similar to the one you get when rumor has it the person you despise most, who made the lives of no less than a dozen people incredibly miserable is back, not working with you or near you, but will be in the area where you might have to run across them occasionally. And naturally you're thinking "OH MY GOD" because really when you see this person, it conjures up all sorts of images, primarly a pointed steel-toed boot, an ass, a tall building, and a window, with of course no safety net below.

So everyone (especially THOSE close to me who know what I am talking about), chant with me now....

"Houses can fall out of the sky, they can, if only we believe...."

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Once again...Gators get no respect...

Once again our hometown Gators have made it to the NCAA basketball championship tournament. They're shooting for back to back championships and I hope they win!

Once again the media sports complex is talking about what Florida has to do to beat Ohio State.

Wait a pea-pickin' minute here. We're talking about an outstanding Florida team who is playing for its second basketball championship in two years. Do you know how difficult that is?

Back in this January blog posting I was complaining about the lack of respect the Gator football team was receiving in regards to the the NCAA football championship....none of the sports gurus would give Florida any credit before the game.

Given Florida's record, the outstanding coaching of Billy Donovan and the damn fine teamwork and athletic ability among the players, I think someone should be talking about what Ohio State needs to do to beat Florida.