Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tis a shame stupidity is not a crime...

Anonymous writes in response to my post about the freak fair in San Francisco:

Wow! Nothing in your blog about the catholic church molesting children? That's what I call an "alternative" lifestyle. Why do you even care about the folsom st. fair? You live in redneck fla. Maybe sex with children down there in the south is "normal"?

You know it never ceases to amaze me that when a person has the opportunity to offer an intellectual, well-thought, thought provoking response to something he disagrees with, especially when it is so public, this is the best he can come up with.

Perhaps he's just another misguided product of an underfunded F-rated public school system.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life as I know it is over...

Oh why does it have to be so difficult?

Here I am just a few days from turning 38 and I wonder how it all came to this. I'm intelligent and capable of doing just about anything I put my mind to or at least I thought so till now. For the most part I think I'm quite likeable, I have a great sense of humor, I work hard, I'm a decent person. I am kind to elderly people, animals, children and the mentally ill. I donate to charity on a regular basis, and not so long ago I was kinda cute.

I thought my life was life headed in the right direction. Although I can be a pain in the ass at times I think I've been a pretty decent daughter, granddaughter, friend, sister, wife, student, and employee. I try to help my family and friends when I can. I care about my students at work, the guys I work with, my job, I put a lot into it. My mom brags to her friends about me, my dad thinks I'm a great kid, my closest friends Deb, Susan, Jennifer, KY, Jeanette think I am wonderful and have been so supportive of me in my endeavors. Even DH who has been supportive of my efforts will now be doubting me. And then at work--oh what will they say there? What rumors will pervade the hallways? What will the students say? Will Jeff, Al and Kathy be ashamed to have been my friend? To have worked with me? To have even known me?

What will all of them think of me now?

All of the hard work my parents put into molding me to be a great human being, the military experience, the education and work experience, and all of the time and energy I have put into being the best person I can be and for what? This moment? I once thought I could do anything and now I find myself suddenly very insecure, lacking self-confidence and wondering what's left in life.

Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil, Dr. Joyce Brothers, they'd all have a field day with me. Jerry Springer, Oprah, Montel, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones--will no doubt be beating down my door now to get me on their show. Even the insufferable Larry King will be wanting to interview me to find out how a good girl went so very bad, how I had it all and lost it overnight.

What will become of me?

With everything people say I have going for me, how could I fail so miserably? Here I sit pondering where I went wrong in life, how did I get to this point? How did it all come down to this one moment? One defining moment in time.

Today is my day of infamy.

I mean after all, it shouldn't be that difficult to remove the allergy/sinus tablets from the foil packet.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Folsom Street Fair a disgrace to San Francisco...

I try to be an open-minded person and for the most part I think I am. But my open-mind closes at something as disgusting as the annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. This year's fair is September 30th. What is the fair?

Folsom Street Events is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving the adult San Francisco alternative communities. Through the production of street fairs, Folsom Street Events promotes diversity within the leather/alternative lifestyle, highlighting entertainment, service and vendors. Proceeds from the production of the fairs are distributed to organizations which promote a sense of community, diversity, cooperation, health and human services.

Our mission is to create world-class volunteer driven leather events, providing the adult alternative lifestyle community safe venues for self-expression, emphasizing freedom, fun and frolic, while raising money to benefit San Francisco charities.

I checked it out folks, believe me, what it really is--is the world's largest leather event, an open and very public display of debauchery, porn, sex toys, sexually explicit materials and clothing, spankings, beatings, leathers, whips, chains, and anything and everything having to do with sex. They say it caters to those with an alternative lifestyle but by the looks of the sponsors and reading up on the site, it is apparent it defines alternate lifestayle as being gay, lesbian, and transgendered. Ahh so that's the definition of alternative, I had no idea! Most of their sponsors and advertisers are related to the sex and porn industry.

Don't believe me?

Click here for the list of events.

But it's ok see because it's for charity.

So you mean to tell me that those individuals of the so-called alternative lifestyle can't indulge in this in their homes? They can't read the back pages of a porn magazine or go into a porn shop to search for sex toys, clothing, and explicit materials?

No. Of course not, they have to do it in public, rebelling in the face of decency. That's what it's all about, a big fat "screw you" to everyone who believes that a person's sexual tendencies should be something indulged in-in private.

And to make things worse, why is it the radical gay community has to always mock Christianity? In this ad for the fair, they photographed in a re-creation of The Last Supper in leather and a table full of sex toys. since they are so free to mock religion what do you think would happen if they depicted Mohammad in a leather outfit and turban getting a spanking? Or better yet how about Osama Bin Laden in nothing but women's lace panties.

You know damn well what would happen. You think the radical Islamic world hates us now?

So you see folks, it's easy to pick on Christians because they're not likely to pick back. Everyone picks on the Christians. Oh sure the Christian community might complain a bit all but that's about it. They're not likely to behead anyone or rally in the streets of San Francisco blocking traffic and causing a ruckus for law enforcement. Nope, they'll just go on about their business.

Now if it were Muslims? There'd be hell to pay. CAIR would be calling for someone's head, there would be protests and accusations of hate crimes for depicting Mohammad or anyone of the Muslim faith in such a degrading manner.

This whole thing stinks, I can't believe that a city could back such an event. I don't care if it is for charity, this kind of event has NO business being backed by a government institution and using government resources (who do you think will be policing the event?)

The 64-page pornfest program has a statement from the corrupted Mayor Gavin Newsom:

"To all organizers and attendees of the Folsom Street Fair, their families, friends, colleagues and visitors from home and around the world, have a great day and enjoy this wonderful and exciting event."

Ok let me get this straight...

The City of San Francisco supported by Code Pink and other radical groups rallied in an attempt to prevent the Blue Angels from performing in the airspace over San Francisco.

The San Francisco Film Commission's director Stephanie Coyote refused, absolutely REFUSED to allow the US Marine Corp to film a recruiting commercial on the Golden Gate Bridge or the streets of San Francisco on 9/11 until she eventually releted to pressure and allowed the Marine Corp to film footage of the city BUT did not allow Marines to be captured on film during the process.


the City allows a public gay porn/spank/leather fest?

How in hell did this ever become a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity?
How in hell did the people of San Francisco go for this?
What about this thing called public decency?

The people of San Francisco who live there who haven't put a stop to this and I suppose it shouldn't surprise me. Everywhere you turn in that city, it's being run by the radicals and everyone is afraid of them, even Newsom. When are the people of San Francisco going to take back their city and say that no ONE particular group owns that city? When are the people of San Francisco going to stand up to the "people of alternative lifestyle" and tell them that just because they choose a partner of the same sex, or enjoy a kinky lifestyle, that they have no right to take over that city. Because as we all know, the population of San Francisco is not made up solely of people who enjoy the so-called alternative lifestyle, it's made up of all kinds of people and all those other people have a right to live in a city they can be proud of where decency is still considered a good thing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome to Romper Room...

It's no wonder I didn't sleep a wink and Peepers and Pebbles are zonked out cold this morning!

Pebbles has this thing about jumping on the bed at night, running around on it and walking all over me, waking me up, then sprinting off and into the living room only to be chased back into the bedroom by the one and only Peepers who has slept all day just so she could be up all night chasing Pebbles.

It's like a McDonald's playplace on a Saturday afternoon only this one has kitty kats!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh shut up McCollum!

Recently Attorney General Bill McCollum uttered this fine mess of a statement:

"Every single day police and and sheriff's deputies in our state put their life on the line for us and we should be aware that by far and aware most of these officers are extraordinarily careful in what they do ... On the other hand, the day before yesterday, when this instance occurred, I think most of us think that presumably this was excessive force and it needs to be investigated. Free speech is important in our country."


You'd think as the states's top law enforcement officer McCollum would know to reserve judgment till the investigation is over.

Ok Mr. McCollum maybe you don't get it, but many of us do. Andrew "Don't Tase Me, Bro" Meyer's first amendment rights were not violated. The forum was over, he forced his way to the podium and demanded he be heard, the Senator said ok, then Meyer proceeded on a God-knows-how-long-it-would-have-been-if-nobody-had-turned-off-his-microphone diatribe until finally the ACCENT student speakers bureau had enough of his rudeness and vulgarity and cut off his mike, the police attempted to remove him--peacefully and without harm I might add.

And THAT is when Mr. Meyer felt the need to make a scene. And THAT is when they tasered him, with one hand in cuffs, NOT two, while he kicked and screamed and made an ass of himself and disrupted a University sponsored event.

This had nothing to do with free speech, but of course McCollum knows that, he's just pandering for votes in the next election, that's all.

This week's craziest dream yet...

Just remember you read it here first...

Sis and me rode in the back of the pickup truck while mom, dad and a guy I used to work with are in the frontseat driving to a hardware store. I had to be in a wedding that day and was anxious to get back home so I'd have time to pack.

Sis wanted to go swimming and dad wouldn't let her.

While mom and dad were in the store, sis asked my former coworker who was in the front seat of the truck if she could have her bathing suit. He gave it to her.

Sis puts it on and the shirt she has on over it has a mock turtleneck collar so as not to see any straps. Dad comes out of the store with mom, all that time in there, at least four hours and they brought a few shovels and that's it. Dad asked sis if she had her bathing suit on and she pulled her mock collar away and you could see the black strap. That was when dad banned her and told her to leave and never come back home.

Sis left, I don't know where she went but I missed her terribly, it seemed like much time had passed though it could only have been a few hours. I couldn't remember if she had a cell phone, it seemed fuzzy in my head, finally I heard from her, she was in Washington State--Seattle to be exact and she was working, got a job that day. She sounded good. I missed her though. She said she was working at a University there, one of the branch campuses.

I wound up getting to the wedding I needed to go to. As I recall I was now in Washington DC, staying at an apartment I had there, which was part of a much larger complex which had stores, fast food restaurants and other facilities built in there.

I was dressed in this beautiful bridesmaid gown, long and full, and I was at this place and kept opening doors to what I thought were the rooms where the wedding would be held but inadvertently walked in on a wedding in progress. I kept searching, till I finally came to another door and opened it, it was the opening to a stadium .That's where the wedding would be. I see the bride walking from the middle of the field and she was not in a dress like the rest of us, she was one of my students, and she was wearing black jeans an a black shirt and boots. Her husband (who I also know in real life) was not her husband in the dream. They were both hispanic (as they are in real life) and there were other couples behind them. The wedding was conducted in spanish. I was standing with the other bridesmaids up in the stands, way up in the nosebleed section. After the wedding, I knew I hadn't had my photo taken earlier so I decided to have some wedding photos taken then. The sister of an old high school classmate (in real life) was in the dream as a bridesmaid and so was one of my real life grad students, a rather intelligent and nice looking, very nice young man I'll refer to as "N". Well N and me and the other bridesmaid were taking photos together up in the stands. We had a blast laughing and all. I remember telling the other bridesmaid and my student/friend that I wanted to share with them the terrible story about my sister and dad getting into a fight but we figured we'd talk about it later. I am not sure where my real life friend's sister went but N figured prominently in the dream.

We went back our separate apartments. I was in my room to decide whether or not to wear the bridesmaid dress when "N" who was my friend in the dream, and I went out to party with our friends or change. Suddenly I heard an explosion. Now it's been a long day today and I don't know if I can remember specifics but I recall part of the roof coming off and I could see planes aiming for specific people on the street and also for our floor but not anywhere else. Except for our building being bombed it was business as usual in DC. I hid in my room because the enemy was searching rooms, he did not see me. I was under the bed. I had my address book and was desperately searching for my male friend's phone number from my list of student phone numbers I had. I kept calling "N" by the name "Warren" but his name wasn't Warren, it was N-----.

Anyway, this lady came up to me wanting my camera but I wanted to keep the film. She wanted to use the camera to bargain in case she was captured. I stopped long enough to take the film out and gave the camera to her. Then I proceeded to run down to N's room to see if he could help me. It seemed like a mile long run, but I got there, the number over his door was "170" and inside seemed to be what was left of a mini McDonald's restaurant, one that wouldn't have any booths, just a "walk by". There was a lady covered in a blanket in there, but N came out to help me, he was my friend, making sure I was ok. We ran back down to my end of the hall and bombs were dropping, it was awful.

N kept running back to his apartment to check on this girl. Later on I am down there and I say "are you going to marry this girl" and he said "I was" and I was shocked. But I think she was dead so he couldn't marry her anyway. We kept trying to help each other and the others try and survive this terrible thing that was gonig on. Bombs kept dropping and only our building was getting hit. Finally I got some courage and helped some other people who needed it. I also helped arm them. There was a mall downstairs and I went down there and loaded up with an ice pick, a gold-bladed axe and other weapons. I passed out everything but the axe, keeping that for myself.

Eventually I woke up. I usually get up at 6 am on weekends but I did NOT want to wake up from this dream, I wanted to see it to its end but I woke up about 8 am. I am sure I've lost much of it between the time I relayed this dream to DH this morning and now but I am telling you there's something to it.

Good grief, this one may just beat the one I had last night, a recurring dream I've had that I was working with CSI Vegas and Gil put me on a desk job related to forensics because I was having a hard time conducting field investigations. The funny thing was we were using our real names. I was referring to Nick Stokes by his real name George Eads and I was referring to Sara Sidle as Jorja. George, Jorja and I were friends, they were really trying to help me pass the field qualifications but I was having a bit of a time understanding the science.

Ok getting back to last night's dream. What does it all mean?

My friends Ellie, Cody, Jenn, Susan, and Deb will be reading this and by this time must think I'm insane eh?

I can remember many of the dreams I've had this past two weeks, I should be writing them down. I wish I could figure them out.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And for all those who think tasers should be banned.

This exclusive video is just for you!

Tasers have gone WIRELESS!


They just don't get it...

In this piece DebbieD over at some unofficial UF college blog claims that Officer Mallo gave a false police report. That's a mighty big accusation Miss Debbie considering she doesn't have the facts. You see folks, DebbieD is talking about this statement by Officer Mallo:

As Senator Kerry was ending his speech, a man disrupted the senator by screaming, yelling, and flailing his arms. The man moved his way down the aisle yelling, "Why don’t you answer my questions, I have been waiting and listening to you speak in circles for the last two hours." "These officers are going to arrest me". The man was screaming and yelling obscenities until Senator Kerry told him to calm down and that he would take his question, but he needed to calm down. At that point, the man stated, "You will take my question because I have been listening to your crap for two hours"

DebbieD attacked Nicole's statement with this:
Mallo says that this all happened before Meyer even asked a single question. Good work, Officer-Just-Covering-My-Ass. The cameras were rolling; your little ‘report’ was completely made up!

What DebbieD either doesn't know or knows and doesn't care about is that the incident involving Andrew Meyer began long before the cameras began filming. That's been stated not just by the officers but by many of those who witnessed the altercation. The quote she pulled from Nicole Mallo's statement is in fact what happened prior to the time the filming began. Therefore, DebbieD's statement is unfounded and untrue.

So much for her theory that the police report is a lie.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clueless in Gainesville...

Well there was yet another march on campus today. The students were once again protesting the tasing of Andrew Meyer by Officer Nicole Mallo. I wonder if half the students who marched knew what they were marching for or if they just wanted to be with the "in crowd" because as you know it's cool to hate police and protest law and order! Or perhaps they wanted to get out of Sociology class.

Remember this: hate police = cool, protest = cool, supporting law and order = bad, very bad.


The ever controversial John Kerry released a statement that he regretted "a good healthy discussion was interrupted" when a student was tasered and arrested by UPD.

Oh oh oh so it was the tasering of Andrew Meyer that interrupted the two-sided, give and take conversation you were having with the polite, innocent young man.

I didn't know that.

And to think I was sure that perhaps the one-sided diatribe by Meyer was actually preventing a two-person dialogue. And I was sure that it was the obnoxious badgering and refusal to actually engage in a dialogue and refusal to abide by forum decorum and policies that interrupted the alleged conversation you say you were having but nobody else saw.

Perhaps Senator Kerry could have told Meyer to either get to the point or STFU, now that would have been really interesting.


Turns out there are a lot of groups on facebook opposed to the vilification of the UPD officers. Looks like Andrew's fifteen minutes in the spotlight might just be turning on him.

Perhaps the tasing incident is Meyer's "swift-boat" eh?


The ACLU released a statement about the incident today. Their esteemed executive director stated that UPD “squandered the free speech rights of both Kerry and Meyer.”

He also said that people have a reasonable expectation to ask questions in a public setting and that Kerry had a reasonable expectation to answer the questions.

No f*cking kidding?

Gee, the rest of us morons didn't know that.


Police reports from taser incident...

Click here for Michelle Malkin's site to view all of the police and witness statements. Interesting how the police statements and those of many other witnesses seem to corroborate each other.

Here is the statement of Nicole (Officer Mallo):

On 09/17/07 at 1015 hours, I was working an overtime function at the University Auditorium for Accent presents Senator John Kerry. There were approximately 350 plus people in attendance. At approximately 1245 hrs., Ambassador Jett informed the audience that there would be a question and answer session and that Senator Kerry would only be answering about 6 questions, 3 on each side of the room where there were microphones set up. Senator Kerry told Ambassador Jett that he might be able to answer a couple more, time permitting. Senator Kerry was answering questions during the “question and answer stage” of his presentation when the audience was told there would only be one question left to be answered. After the question was answered, Senator Kerry stated the question and answer was over and thanked the audience for asking their questions. The approximate number of people in line asking questions was about 20, and Senator Kerry answered about 8 questions. All of the people standing in line started to dissipate and either sat back down or started to leave. As Senator Kerry was ending his speech, a man disrupted the senator by screaming, yelling, and flailing his arms. The man moved his way down the aisle yelling, “Why don’t you answer my questions, I have been waiting and listening to you speak in circles for the last two hours.”

“These officers are going to arrest me”. I didn’t see any officer directly next to him until I noticed Officer Wise walking down trying to get his attention. The man was screaming and yelling obscenities until Senator Kerry told him to calm down and that he would take his question, but he needed to calm down. At that point, the man stated, “You will take my question because I have been listening to your crap for two hours”. The man at that point turned to his friend and said, “Are you taping this? Do you have this? You ready?” The man was talking to a woman who was there to film him. Before asking the question, I had a chance to ask the man if he was a student and he stated, “I don’t have to tell you.” I the asked him if he knew the rules to the student code of conduct and he said, “What?” I informed the man that after he asked Senator Kerry the question that I needed to talk to him outside.

After asking the question, the man would not let Senator Kerry finish his statement and kept badgering the senator about his beliefs, talking about “blow jobs”, and yelling as loud as he could as to sensationalize his presence. At that moment the Accent Director, Max Tyroler, asked us to take him out of the auditorium and had his microphone turned off stating, “He had said enough.” Officer Wise and I grabbed both of the man’s arms and asked him to come with us out of the auditorium to speak with us. The man then lifted me up and pushed Officer Wise to avoid being taken into custody. As he pushed and kicked Officer Wise, Sgt. King grabbed him and escorted him out of the room, but the man pushed Sgt. King out of the way and was yelling and trying to get back down the aisle. At this point Officer Sexton, Officer De Jesus, and Officer Lamb tried to assist Officer Wise and Sgt King in getting a hold of the punching and kicking irate man while Officer Dean, Officer Passero, and Officer Spurlin were present trying to assist.

The man continued to scream and yell as well as push, kick, and elbow the officers attempting to take him into custody. After multiple attempts to tell him to stop resisting, the man said, “No” and continued to push and elbow the officers. Only one handcuff was placed on the man as he continued to punch his way out of the hold. The officers could not get a hold of his other arm as he was kicking, punching, and elbowing into officers. After many attempts to get the man to comply, he chose to continue actively resisting the officers. I obeyed the command from Sgt. King to utilize the taser for the continuation of non-compliance by the man. One contact tase to the man’s left shoulder was deployed for the duration of its cycle. After the cycle ended, the man was asked to comply and stop resisting and for a brief moment he did, at which time he was placed in handcuffs.

After he was lifted to his feet, he kept screaming and yelling to let him go by continually pushing the officers. I read the man his Miranda rights and explained why he was being placed under arrest. As the man was escorted down stairs with no cameras in sight, he remained quiet, but once the cameras made their way down stairs he started screaming and yelling again. Some of the comments that the man made were “You can’t kill me.”, “They are giving me to the government.” and “They are going to kill me.”

The man was identified not only by the people there filming for him, but also by a business card he had on him that had his picture on it. The card read, ““Speak my mind.” I asked him if he was Andrew Meyer and he said, “Yes, I am.” Meyer was transported to the Alachua County Detention Center by my myself and Officer Vinson. Meyer stated he just wanted Senator Kerry to hear what he had to say and that he was upset when he ended the questions without being heard. Meyer stated, on the way to thejail, “I am not mad at you guys, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were just trying to do your job.” Meyer was laughing and being lighthearted in the car, his demeanor completelychanged once the cameras were not in sight. Meyer did ask, at one point, if the cameras were going to be at the jail.

Meyer was charged with disturbing the peace (interfering with a school function) and resisting with violence. A use of force report was filled out and Meyer was sent a Judicialaffairs form for his actions. None of the officers injured needed to seek medical attention and the injuries sustained from this incident were digitally documented.

You think this wasn't a publicity stunt?

Andrew Meyer already has tee shirts for sale--click here!

You believe this crap?

His facebook support page states:

In light of recent events, we have three demands to make of the UFPD:

1. Drop all charges against Andrew Meyer.

2. Immediately suspend the officers involved in his tasering, pending an independent investigation into their actions.

3. Because of the hundreds of deaths that have been attributed to their use, and because their very existence on an officers belt encourages their excessive use, tasers can not be standard issue police equipment on campus. This has become national news quite fast, so lets show them how UF students can stand up for one another and for our rights!

Gee-uh how about this?

How many of those alleged "hundreds" of people were tasered innocently while minding their own business? How many were on drugs? How many were intoxicated?

And oh yes, can we STOP referring to him as a kid? Andrew Meyer is 21 years old, he's an adult. He's old enough to smoke, drink, and vote. Bout damn time people start referring to him as an adult and not a kid. Although the use of the word "kid" invokes innocence and that just makes the evil cops look even more dastardly doesn't it? :D

As to these people who can't understand how five cops couldn't take one man down, try working in a prison or a jail for awhile and we'll see if you change your mind. A person can be VERY powerful when they don't want to cooperate and it can take more than one person to take them down. But of course since you all have law enforcement or military training you know that right? :)

As far as this thing being national news, let's face it, the American people are bored. The only reason this became national news is because there's a video of it. That's it. Otherwise nobody outside Gainesville would know--or care who Andrew Meyer is.

The same people who always protest this "injustice" generally despise police in the first place. Let's see, they don't want tasers because they injure and the police carrying them on their belt can cause excessive use. They don't want guns because they injure and merely carrying them can cause excessive use. They don't want nightsticks or maglights because they injure and merely carrying them can cause excessive use.

WTF do you people want?

If Andrew Meyer (or anyone else in that position) had been armed, if he tried to hurt someone and the police did nothing for fear of doing TOO much you all would be marching in protest, writing letters to the editor, blogging and pounding on the door of UPD that their police force is inadequate, that the officers involved should be suspended or fired, that an investigation should take place and that the University should be sued.

Maybe we should just take the ability to serve and protect from police and give it to you Meyer supporters since obviously you know so much more about how to apprehend unruly people. Maybe we should just get rid of the police force altogether and then those of us common sense folks can indulge in a little vigilantism and take care of the matters ourselves.

If you get your way, one of these days you're going to be in a situation where you want the police to intervene and keep some freak from hurting you or others and gee with any luck maybe the police will have the power to "shoo" the perp away with their hat eh?

Or is that too excessive for you?

Here's one for the books! Nicole, you go girl!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Andrew Meyer: Enjoy your ten minutes of fame.

The international media is reporting that UF student Andrew Meyer was held down and dragged before he was tasered at the John Kerry form here at UF. Fox News and NBC reports he was thrown to the ground. Other media reports are that the police used excessive, unnecessary force, blah blah blah.

My goodness, those evil University police and that poor innocent young student. Innocent my ass.

Andrew Meyer is not the least bit innocent. The Q&A session was already over but because Meyer forced his way to the front of the line and insisted he be heard, Senator Kerry said he would let him ask a question. But instead of asking John Kerry ONE question Meyer went into a long and drawn out diatribe about this book he recommended to Kerry, the last presidential election, how Bush stole the election, Bill Clinton's "Lewinsky", Iran and just continued badgering the Senator and wouldn't let Kerry respond. He was in fact attempting to take over the show. He was asked politely to step down, he would not, his mike was turned off (not by police but by the ACCENT speakers bureau representative which scheduled the event), he still wouldn't leave. They attempted to calmly lead him out, he became irate, insane, and started flailing his hands, screaming (for the camera no doubt), and resisting the officers attempts to peacefully subdue him. Officer Mallo warned him over and over again, pointing her finger at him, attempting to get him to relax and do what they instructed him to do. He would NOT listen to her instructions. He was becoming out of control. You would have thought this guy was on drugs, maybe he wasn't but it sure as hell seems like it. They didn't know if he had a weapon or what his motives were. Anyone can tell they did not want to hurt him, in fact they were doing their best to forcibly restrain him without causing any harm. Had the police not had the taser, they may have been forced to use more injuring type physical force.

I've watched the videos of what happened and I believe it was a setup from start to finish! He even has his own website where this is now being played out (with a rather touching "Free Andrew" march following at noon)--excuse me while I heave. Andrew's website is one giant advertisement of him selling I still don't know what--he doesn't seem to have any kind of talent or special skills that make him something people would want to buy. Perhaps that's why he chose a publicity stunt like this.

Andrew's friends and supporters talk about his right to free speech. Sure, free speech is a right but with this right comes a responsibility, something Andrew Meyer never learned in Journalism school. One thing is for sure, Andrew Meyer got the publicity he wanted but it could backfire on him.

This is NOT a free speech issue. The only questions here are was it necessary to subdue him? I think so. Was it necessary to use a taser? Possibly. The FDLE investigation will be available soon and we will all know. Even then, it is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a police officer. What if it had been someone who was dangerous and the police did nothing? What would you have said then? You would have called them incompetent and called for their dismissal.

So the police are, as in many situations, in a no-win scenario.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary wants to "require" health insurance? What else can we require?

Hillary Clinton's new health insurance plan requires every American to purchase health insurance either through their employer or through a model of the current Medicare and federal employees health insurance plans.

Hillary Clinton proposes eliminating Bush tax cuts for individuals earning over $250,000 annually in an effort to use that savings to pay for her proposed health care plan for "all Americans"

Of course let's not stop at insurance, what other things could we require?

1)Every American should be required to have a job. This way, fewer people are mooching off the government and the taxpayers and more people are contributing to their own welfare and the good of America. Of course, every American should be given a job regardless of their qualifications. The government should create jobs or better yet, require large companies to fire high paid employees to make room for a multitude of lower paid employees. Employees should not be discriminated against because they don't meet the qualifications of the job. That wouldn't be fair.

2)Every American should be required to have a four year college education regardless of whether they could actually do well in college or not. Ahh but many can't afford the high cost of education so the educational institutions should be required to give reduced tuition to students OR the students whose parents make $100,000 per year or more should subsidize the cost of education. Employers should also be required to reimburse employees for tuition costs regardless of grades earned.

3)Every American should be required to live in a home. Not a mobile home, not a rental apartment, but a real live mortgaged-to-the-hilt-home. It's not fair that some people get to live in a home which requires a decent wage and good credit to get financing (at least it used to), a down-payment, high insurance payments and maintenance costs while others are forced to live in a (GASP!) apartment or mobile home!

4)Every American should be required to have a retirement account. Of course since many people can't come up with the money to get it started, the government should required that employers contribute to a plan for them. Those individuals who make over $250,000 per year should be required to contribute 5% of their annual gross income to a fund to help create retirement accounts for everyone else.

5)Every American should be required to have a cell phone. It's not fair that they are unable to communicate on demand. And if they can't afford a cell phone, then providers should be required to give them free or reduced phones as well as coverage. If they are unable to afford the basic service, it should be subsidized by the government.

6)Every American should be required to have internet access. And I'm not talking dialup either. Every American has the right to be able to communicate via email and search the web. Local communities should be required to fund this out of their general revenue and the shortfall should be made up by forcing local cable and phone companies to give free or reduced rates for high speed service to those in the community who cannot afford high speed.

7)Every family should be required to have a computer. It's not fair that only the rich kids get computers. Dell, Apple, Gateway and other companies should be required to give free computers to low income families.

8)Every family in America should be required to have a separate bedroom for each child in their family. It's not fair that some kids have to share a room with a sibling. Since many families can't afford this, the government should be required to offer tax breaks to families for the purpose of building enough extra bedrooms onto their home. Contractors should be required to give a discount to families under a certain income who build extra rooms onto their homes for their children.

9)Every family in America should be required to have a television in their home--with cable or satellite dish service. Why should only the rich have access to entertainment and the news? All Americans deserve to know what's going on in America. All Americans deserve to be entertained. Those families who cannot afford a television would receive a discount from television manufacturers or the televisions would be purchased by the government and distributed to the needy families. Satellite and cable companies would be required to offer free basic service to low income Americans.

10)Every American should be required to go out and eat at least once a week. It's not fair that tired working mothers have to go home after work and cook dinner for their families while the rich folks in America get to go out and eat. The government should be required to mail restaurant coupons to low income families and local restaurants should give out discount cards to these people so they too can have a decent meal out.

11)Every person in America should be required to vote--regardless of whether or not they are under 18. People who are poor, unemployed, elderly, disadvantaged, single parents, minorities, disabled, gay, homeless, uneducated, living in rental housing, don't have computers, cable, high speed internet or television in their homes, and have no health insurance should be offered monetary incentives to vote.

Those wealthy individuals making $250,000 per year or more should be required to submit 10% of their income into a special government vote buying fund to pay for it.



Sunday, September 16, 2007

America's cities have their priorities in order don't they?

And because cities across America have nothing else that needs cracking down upon.....

There's this story!

Sure, punks in saggy pants look like thugs, but don't we have much more important things to do like crack down on the real thugs?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fred Thompson, Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche were over at my house for a party...

I had a barbecue at my house like I have done three out of the last five years. We do it in Spring, we invite the faculty, staff, and grad students and we have some fun and good food. Tommy Lee Jones, Fred Thompson and Anne Heche showed up too. Fred was mingling and talking to everyone as if he had always known them, not politicking, just having a good time. I kept wanting to take him aside and talk to him but there just didn't seem an opportunity. While the guests cavorted in the back, near the beach behind my house and playing games and such, I was in the house almost the entire time. There was a passcode to get into one of the bathrooms and some girl kept messing with it and so people kept getting locked in the bathroom.

I did talk to Fred--I told him that DH and I were job hunting and we didn't like Florida and if he had anything up in his neck of the woods he should let me know and he said he would. He was a nice guy, I enjoyed having him at our party.

The house I was living in at the time, was a brick and stone building, very nice. It had a sub basement, basement, ground and top floors. Apparently, there was some kind of water tunnel running under the house and if you opened this large hatch on the basement floor, the subbasement would flood. Well somebody at the party opened it. This meant that three people had to get in there and fix it or the place would flood, killing a bunch of people who were on the basement floor.

I volunteered to help fix this, I needed a wetsuit though and something to breathe through. I was slighly claustrobic so before Anne and I went into the sub basement to attempt to fix this problem, I had to find my way out first. I had to know the way out. I kept telling her I had to know the way out, and finally I found my way out through this maze of a sub basement up to the top floor in case we had to escape--should the hatch break and the house flood. When I was up on top of the roof, this huge wave of water came shooting over the house, like a tsunami, and I hunkered down next to this concrete thing attached to the roof and I held on to it. I looked out over the ocean nearby and the ocean was rumbling. Finally it subsided, everyone woh had been outside watching clapped and I knew I'd be ok.

And so it went--we got our wetsuits on and were going in to fix that hatch. Tommy wanted to go but decided someone with experience fixing these disastrous type problems needed to stay behind to make sure we could do it right. As I donned my wetsuit, one of the guys from work, a professor I know and consider a friend was also there. He'd gotten to the party late and was walking through the house greeting folks and saying hi when he spotted me in the wetsuit and couldn't understand why I wanted to risk my life to go down there to fix that hatch and I said I had to do it. I don't think he wanted me to go down there, but I had to go. And so Anne and I donning our suits went down there.

In the meantime, one of the students who was there when we got there, did something stupid and released a valve on the hatch, this meant the sub basement would flood and cause a disaster--Tommy got upset and told the kid to get the hell out of the house, then he we went down into the sub basment to try and fix this problem before a bunch of people were killed. In the meantime, a bunch of the students and guests were still picnicking and enjoying the barbecue in our extremely large backyard.

Then I woke up.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I don't even want to be a meteorologist.

I'm just taking this class to satisfy a requirement and I thought it would be interesting, which it is, but it's hard.

Today I found out I earned a 75.8 (C+) on my second meteorology assignment?

I haven't earned that low a grade on ANYTHING since I went back to school three years ago.

I'll be pissed if I jeopardize my 3.62 GPA. But I am NOT dropping this class, I am not giving up, no way, that would be the easy way out. I'm going to make an "A" in this class if it kills me---er rather everyone around me. Because surely by the end of the term, every person I know will be hating me for being a miserable bitch all semester because of this class LOL!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Navigating the educational bureaucracy

I received a great compliment today. Without going into detail about the whole sordid mess, I helped one of my students get through the bureaucratic muck that is otherwise known as an institution of higher learning. And when he left my office I said "gotta have faith in the system eh?" and he said "I have faith in you".

That made me feel good. I worked long and hard to fix his problem. It took contacting at least four other departments and working together to resolve the situation. Finally, it worked. I pride myself in my problem-solving skills, and I am quite sure my students are thankful they have me. They are my extended family and I try to treat them as I would want to be treated if I were in their shoes. Make no mistake about it, a large university is just like government, there's a lot of red tape and it takes a lot of work at times to get even the simplest problem solved.

I suppose you could call it job security.

PSA here: Family wants to adopt Anatolian Shepherd...

Hi everyone. Got another PSA here for ya.

Please check out Lisa's blog. My mom sent it to me. Lisa and her family live in the foothills of North Carolina and they lost their beloved Anatolian Shepherd recently to a sudden illness. They want to to adopt or rescue an Anatolian Shepherd locally or from a neighboring state.

If you know someone who can help, let her know ok?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who is in charge here?

Do we NOT have a Constitution? Does the rule of law just NOT apply whenever it's an INCONVENIENCE? Does anyone in our government know what in hell is going on here?

This article in the Washington Times is yet another prime example of the idiots in positions of power in this country and it's not just the career politicians anymore. The most recent assinine idea is the memo from Customs and Border Protection, El Paso Field Office Director Luis Garcia directing agents to limit inspections to decrease wait time at the border.

• If wait time is 45 minutes or less, officers are required to query all drivers and passengers older than 18 and ensure that the license plate is correct.

• If wait time is 45 to 60 minutes, customs officers are to query only the driver and 50 percent of the passengers. Also, the officers are not to conduct compartment checks and density-meter readings used to find contraband.

• If wait time is 60 to 120 minutes or more — the average wait at the numerous crossings — they are to query only the driver and ensure that the license plate is correct."

Well oh MY, it's just so terrible that people have to WAIT to legally cross the border into the US. And since that's an inconvenience, another government official has just made it easier to get in here!

Someone tell me why in hell do we even have border protection? Why in hell do we even have immigration policy? Heck, we don't need it, let's just make it simple for ourselves, save a fewbucks, fire the morons in charge and just hand the damn keys over to Mexico and every other country and say "welcome to America, have at it, do whatever the hell you want".

Every single person in America who works directly or indirectly to compromise the sovereignty and national security of this nation by attempting to circumvent the laws of the land should be prosecuted. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts. No pathetic excuses, no pleading, no apologies. The law is clear and I for one can't understand the willydicking around that's been going on for so long.

Our government has a responsibility to protect this country's borders and its citizens and they are clearly NOT doing it. And if they're not doing it, they should be fired.

Sometimes I just gotta be bad...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9/11

RIP Sheryl Lynn Rosner Rosenbaum, 1968-2001

My cousin Sheryl Lynn Rosenbaum was like much of my mom's side of the family--from New Jersey. Sheryl was the daughter of Barry and Bobbi Rosner, sister of Marc and David, wife of Mark, mother of two small children, and Vice-President with Cantor Fitzgerald in New York City. Her children Hannah and Sam were just 3 years old and 17 months respectively on the day she died on the 105th floor of the North Tower.

RIP Sheryl...your death was not in vain and the lives you touched will go on touch others forever.

Monday, September 10, 2007

They should ask me.

Sure, we have big bosses and administrators to run the institution and tell us how it's supposed to be done. They get paid big bucks for this. I just wonder if they get any input from the working folks and if so, who they're talking to because they're not talking to me.

If they were talking to me about how to save money, this is what I'd tell them:

1) Terminate every single person on campus who consistenly performs at a below exceeds on their annual evaluation.

2) Reduce the number of supervisors in physical plant.

3) Require recycling bins for plastic and cans in every building. Increase the number of paper recycling bins in each building.

4) Require the custodial staff to actually throw the recycle box materials into the recycle bins and not their trash bags.

5) Reduce the number of vehicles used by the physical plant.

6) Insulate the older buildings properly and replace the large windows facing high-sun areas with thicker insulated and tinted windows.

7) Actually FIX the problems with the A/C in the older buildings so that one half of the building isn't 70 degrees and the other half 80.

8) Install motion lights in ALL offices and in ALL classrooms. Set the timing in the classrooms for 50 minutes which is the length of time for classes in fall and spring.

9) Allow departments to go to an optional 10-hour a day, four day workweek during summer semester when daylight is longer and the institution isn't as busy.

10) Conduct a university-wide poll of staff only with suggestions for saving $$.

11) Consider job-sharing in some departments.

12) Hike tuition slightly. Even with a slight tuition hike, still among the most affordable in the nation.

13) Xeriscaping in high-sun areas.

14) Prevent departments from spending money on high-ticket items they don't need at the end of the year just so they can use up the money.

15) Allow departments to purchase desktop and floor fans for their offices.

16) Auction off that warehouse full of decade-old surplus shit they've been storing.

That's all I got in me right now.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Damn I don't even know how to explain these movies SAW, SAW II, and SAW III. All I can say that is if you don't mind some some blood, you should see them. Talk about a psychological thriller. It's not what you think. It's not Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Hostel or any of that. It's much deeper and less bloodier. All I can say is it really makes you think about what is important in life and how much you should value what you have! I thought the movies were just awesome!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

This and that...

There's not much exciting to report from the worldfront today so I thought I'd share some info from the homefront instead. I mean wouldn't you rather hear about my exciting life over any of that other shit anyway?

Friday was an interesting day, I got a lot done at work though I am not sure why. Nobody needed me on Friday so I guess that's good. I'd been silently begging all week "please God just give me one day where nobody needs a problem solved" and well just like that it happened. I spent the day making some new files, sorting, organizing, answering old email and just catching up. I also tossed a bunch of stuff. I love tossing stuff. I don't think I know anyone who loves to throw stuff away more than me. I can't think if I'm not organized and I can't be organized if there's crap everywere. So I have three piles: the for sure keep, the not so sure and the definitely not keep and it works. Although sometimes the not so sure winds up sitting there for months. I walk by it wondering what I should do with it. Eventually I wind up tossing it. I mean hell if you can walk by it for months and not need anything in it, that's a sign right?

DH is still working on the bookcases he built me. It's kinda funny--I asked him to build one bookcase, he gives me four. It's like the time I asked him to make me a simple box for my onions and potatoes, it wound up being a three-car garage. It now holds stuff though I don't know what--probably stuff from the not so sure pile. But really the bookcases are awesome, they are over 6 feet tall, solid wood, stained golden oak and sturdy. I'm so excited to have REAL bookcases and not that pressed wood crap you get at Wally World.

We have this futon, we bought it as our first piece of furniture when we got married and moved into our former place--the little cottage in the woods. Well we were going to give it to a student of mine but a piece broke underneath and we didn't want to give it to him that way. So we're keeping it, maybe DH can weld the piece on. In the meantime we moved it out of the living room and into the third bedroom which serves as a craft room where I work on my crafts and DH works on his models. Actually the futon looks great in there, it looks like a spare bedroom is supposed to look LOL.

Having the futon out of the living room really opened it up. We have the two recliners, one of the nice bookcases, and the old rocker mom and dad gave us and of course the entertainment center. There's nothing in front of the two windows now which is nice and as soon as the weather gets cooler we'll be able to open the windows. Well at least one will open, there's still something wrong with the other one and if you open it you can't get it closed all the way.

I wrote an analysis this weekend of Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, Second Movement. I wondered if I could pull it off, I mean while I love classical music, I've certainly never analyzed it before. But amazingly after listening to the piece more than a dozen times and studying it by really listening, I was able to write a piece about it. When Joaquin Rodrigo wrote the second movement, he was enduring harsh times in his life. He suffered an illness due to an eye abscess (he was already blind since he was a boy), his wife suffered a miscarriage and they were very poor. After listening to the piece over and over again, I realized that I could apply the five stages of grief to the music. I did it and it worked! After I posted it, I was worried I didn't hit what the professor wanted us to hit on but I did. One of my classmates remarked how thorough and awesome it was and my professor thought it was excellent! I earned not just the full points for the assignment but an extra point! I love when professors reward excellent work by awarding more points than the maximum. That happens to me in courses where writing is involved either in the WebCT discussion posts or in the submitted papers. I really cared about what I wrote in this assignment because I wanted to prove to myself that I understood the assignment. It's like in one of my former English comp courses, we studied poetry and I didn't think I'd like poetry but as it turns out it was fun. It was interesting reading over and over and understanding the background of the poet and the current events at the time, it helped me understand the WHY behind the poetry. It became fun analyzing to find the hidden and sometimes not so hidden meaning. The same goes for music.

And so I'm happy, I'm actually understanding the meaning behind the music.

Good job Jess :)

And so....that's it for Saturday.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The UK is a perfect example that banning firearms does not = less crime...

We've been talking about this haven't we--that banning firearms does not reduce crime. In fact, haven't many of us said that once the government bans the firearms the criminals will find another way to perpetrate their crimes. Well in the UK it's happened, we knew it would. It was just a matter of time. And didn't we all ask "how long till they ban knives?"

Well....we predicted that one right on too.

According to the Medical Matrix which is associated with the Association of British Medical Blogs and authored by a long list of notable British physicians and surgeons, knife stabbings have increased in the UK:

"Every day, between 1997 and 2005, 13 people required hospital admission for treatment following stab injuries 1. Knife-related injuries are a major public health issue and treating victims of knife crime places a massive strain on our already overstretched NHS."

According to Home Office figures, between 1995-200, 37.9% of homicide victims were the victims of stabbings-the commonest cause of death. A similar study in Scotland revealed an even more alarming picture, with the homicide rate for stabbing-related assaults increasing 164% between 1981 and 2003. An audit of forensic knife injuries at one East London hospital revealed 309 injuries over a 2 year period, of which 259 victims required admission, 184 required surgery and 8 died of their injuries 3. This audit suggested that the injuries were becoming more serious.

In an editorial in the BMJ in 2005, a team of emergency physicians called for a ban on pointed-tip kitchen knives of the dagger variety, which anecdotally are thought to be used in a significant proportion of forensic knife injuries.

The rise in knife crime apparently requires government action:

Tackling the rise in knife crime will require an integrated approach, involving a number of government departments and other agencies. This must include action to address the root causes of violent crime as well as robust measures to deter young people from carrying knives. Further research will be required to evaluate various interventions to reduce knife-inflicted injuries.

Steps need to be taken to reduce poverty, unemployment and social deprivation-all factors known to predispose young people to commit violent acts. Young people need positive role models, together with training opportunities if they are to turn their backs on the sub-culture of violence and knife carrying.

Educational strategies will be required to provide young people with information about the consequences of knife injuries. High profile knife amnesties, such as the 2006 amnesty which saw 90,000 knives surrendered, are only part of the solution.The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 gave teachers tough powers to search pupils, suspected of carrying weapons. The Act also raises the age at which young people are allowed to purchase knives from 16 to 18. Currently, those prosecuted for carrying knives illegally may be imprisoned for up to 2 years, yet custodial sentences are rarely handed down.

It's just common sense that banning a weapon doesn't cut down on crime overall, perhaps maybe crimes committed with said weapon might be reduced but those individuals who want to participate in criminal behavior will find a way to do it. Second, the words"require government action" automatically means less freedom and liberty and more government spending and intervention in the private lives of individuals.

We should be watching the UK very carefully and learn something from it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Arrivederci Sig. Pavarotti

Once every few hundred years, a great voice like Pavarotti comes along. In my lifetime nobody compared.

And now he's gone.

Arrivederci il mio amico, lei sarà mancato!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sure..what parent wouldn't prostitute their kid to a reality show for $5,000?

CBS has a new reality show aimed at kids called "Kid Nation" that begins airing in September 2007. Forty kids age 8-12 were chosen to participate in an experiment living on their own and setting up their own society in a "ghost town" in the desert of New Mexico for 40 days with no adults to help them. They were actually located was a 10,000-acre, working cattle ranch and historic western movie set. Each episode ends with one of the children being awarded a $20,000 gold star and in one episide, a child is placed in stocks in the town square and hit with rotten fruit while being made fun of because he suggested they hold a math class.

Just some tidbits...

The parents of the children who participated were paid $5,000 and signed a 22 page waiver which stated that the network would be released from any and all liability should the children contract a sexually transmitted disease, get pregnant, become injured, or die (among other things) during the course of taping the show. Apparently forty parents were ok with this!

These forty children have missed school for a month.

There is no schoolteacher on the set.

The kids are on set at least 16 hours per day.

A couple of children were treated for ingesting bleach.

Another child was treated for burns which she got when she was cooking bacon on the stove.

CBS denied Dept of Labor inspectors from going on set to make sure CBS was adhering to child labor laws. (The Dept of Labor was notified by a parent of one of the injured children)

The President of CBS stated that the children are not actors, not under contract, and not subject to the laws regarding child labor. CBS obtained no permits or exemptions and sold the idea to the parents as "summer camp". There's evidence to suggest that they actually chose New Mexico because of the child labor loopholes. Apparently at the time, NM law was written in such a way that children involved in summer camps were excluded from certain child labor rules. If CBS wants to film next year they will have to find another state because NM has closed the loophole, period.

CBS maintains that the children can leave anytime they want but the problem is you've got young children--who are easily swayed--by their parents, by their peers and by their excitement over possibly becoming a star. Do you think if they wanted to go home, they REALLY could?

Uh hello WTF is going on here? CBS stated there were adults on the set--production assistants, cameramen, and a child psychologist.

How many parents were there? Anyone want to guess?

Anyone remember "Lord of the Flies?"

I do.

The CBS President admitted when they tossed around the idea of Kid Nation, someone brought up Lord of the Flies. Can you believe that? Come on people....television is all about ratings. What gets ratings? Forty children who get along and work together or forty children who beat each other up, cry, and pitch hysterical fits?

We know damn well that CBS, with the aid of forty stupid parents is exploiting these kids. That is just a new low if I ever saw one.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Give Jerry a break!

The news media can't seem to focus on the fact that Jerry's efforts raised over $60 million for the fight against muscular dystrophy.

No, it's all about a joke gone awry.

"Jerry Lewis dropped an anti-gay slur during the 18th hour of his annual Labour Day Telethon.

He apologized yesterday for a "bad choice of words."

The 81-year-old showman – onstage during the live telecast Monday – was goofing around and dodging his cameraman, then went into a ramble about
imaginary family members.

"Oh, your family has come to see you," he said, speaking to the camera and gesturing toward thin air.

"You remember Bart, your older son," he said, and motioning again, "Jesse, the illiterate faggot.

"No," Lewis said, stopping himself before continuing.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called Lewis's use of the term "simply unacceptable."

"I apologize to anyone who was offended," Lewis said in a statement. "Everyone who knows me understands that I hold no prejudices in this regard. In the family atmosphere of the telethon, I forget that not everyone knows me that well."

Lewis's telethon raised $63.7 million (U.S.) for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, up $3 million from last year.

Now how many of the gay folks in an uproar have called each other fags in jest? I've heard it numerous times. I suppose it depends on the context. Jerry's a good guy, he does great work for charity, he's not a gay basher, give him a break.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get out of Iraq...

....and this isn't politically motivated either. I began as a common sense Independent and I remain that way. But after years of supporting us going into Iraq, based on what I believe were valid reasons, I am officially supporting withdrawing our troops from the region.

The Goverment Accountability Office report states that the US has not met 11 of the 18 goals it had established for Iraq. The Bush Administration will be releasing its own report soon. Wanna bet what it says? I guarantee you it totally conflicts with the GAO's report.

If we stay there, more American soldiers die, if we pull out, our credibility is shot. Many Americans believe we can't leave because the sacrifices our injured and dead soldiers made will have been in vain. I don't think that is a reason to stay there and I also don't believe their sacrifice was in vain. I believe those men and women who were injured and lost their lives were doing their jobs, the jobs they were trained to do, to the best of their ability. They made a commitment to their service and they honored it by carrying out their duties. What hampers their efforts the most is a President's men cannot fight a war against barbaric terrorists and win using the methods we are currently using. Who ever heard of sending your ground troops in first? Why haven't we sent the Air Force in, bombed the areas and then send our ground troops in? You cannot fight terrorists with rules of engagement, it does not work!!!

So why do we fight this war in a p.c. manner? Because we don't want to kill innocent civilians. Because we're trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi citizens.

Too late. Those who hate us, hate us and there's no changing their minds.

Many will ask "What about our credibility?" Well who cares? We're still the bad boy on the block, we're still the test of representative democracy gone right, we're still the best nation to live in on this earth.

Ok so this is similar to Vietnam--we screwed that one up and we survived. Our two biggest mistakes regarding Vietnam were 1) getting involved in the first place and 2) not taking care of the soldiers who came home. This nation has a moral obligation to its soldiers and we let them down. It happened again in the 1st Gulf War when the US government denied the existence of the Gulf War Syndrome and it's happening today in the way so many veterans are being treated after returning from the Middle East.

As much as we want to spread freedom, we can't just go into countries and depose their leaders and institute our own form of government. We cannot institute a free and democratic government where the people do not wish one to exist. With a free and democratic government comes a more western way of life. Do you think the Middle East and the Muslim religion will allow this? No. They already hate our way of life, what makes us think they're going to welcome it in their own country with open arms?

I think Bush owes us an apology and an explanation and I think George Tenet and every single person who knew the truth and said nothing, owes us an apology and should be slapped with criminal charges. Ask yourself who is profiting from this war? Not the American people overall, not the soldiers, not the Iraqi people. It's the the government military complex. Ask yourself how much government contractors are being paid.

I hate to think that so many people died for greed. It's too much, I can't even think about it.

Like I said earlier, I'm a "common sense" person. And my common sense is telling me the conflict in Iraq is a war we can't win. Not in this lifetime.