Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finally I can get some revenge...

The phone number DH and I have had for nearly seven years now was once owned by a couple named Aaron and Penny F.

Not long after the phone company assigned us that number, we began receiving calls almost daily fom collection agencies looking for Aaron and Penny. On occasion one asshole company would even claim I was lying and that I was Penny! We began leaving nasty outgoing messages telling people "this is NOT the home of Penny F so please do NOT leave a message!!" and still they would leave messages. And one time about two years ago we received a call from an insurance company in Virginia about a recent auto accident. It troubled me because at that time we'd had the number at least three years. I began to worry she was intentionally giving out her old number so people couldn't find her. Which of course I would not doubt for a moment!

We hadn't heard a peep from anyone in over a year when on Friday, of the blue I got a call for her, it was from a collection agency who left an automated message. Rather than ignore it, I called them and asked them to take our number out of their system which they said they'd do. Too bad I didn't have Penny and Aaron's new info when all those assholes used to call us day and night. For years, Penny wasn't current in public records, I couldn't find them, they were probably laying low.....but ahh....I found them FINALLY and with a recent address.

So next time I get calls from her collectors I'll let them know exactly where they can be found!

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