Monday, January 21, 2008

Just senseless...


Deaths of Key Deer probed


KEY WEST - Wildlife officials are investigating the killings of several endangered Key deer, the tiny deer that live exclusively in the Florida Keys.

In one incident last month, a Big Pine Key resident found three severed Key deer heads on federal property. In a second incident, a deer was found alive but with a 3-foot-long spear in its neck. The deer had to be euthanized last week.

Investigators do not think the incidents are related. A count conducted in 2001 found approximately 700 of the deer. Killing Key deer is a crime under the Endangered Species Act and punishable by fines or jail time or both.

The Key Deer are precious, harmless and endangered. They are the smallest of the deer species in North America. The adult males stand about 30 inches high while the females are about 26 high at the shoulders. They are harmless and enjoy wandering about feeding on native plants and grasses mostly at dawn and dusk.

The maiming and killing of these deer is senseless and cruel and only cowards partake in it! It's easier for the perp bastards to abuse and kill something that can't fight back. People who abuse, torture and murder innocent animals are bad people, period. They are worthless to society and likely to commit even more heinous crimes--on people. They don't even deserve to live.

Yes I know, innocent people are killed every day, people who did nothing to deserve it. But there's something especially ruthless about a person who takes pleasure in torturing and killing animals. Animals have no conscience, no malicious intent, they usually harm or kill only when hungry or defending themselves and their young. But the men who commit such acts upon them---are much more vicious and dangerous to society.

Read more about the Key Deer Wildlife Refuge.

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