Friday, January 18, 2008

Make Fort White High School an example...

This story out of a local town, Ft. White, is appalling.

A group of bullies which included a few of the school's athletes beat up a freshman because they thought he was involved in some recent thefts in the gym. The perps went to a classroom where the teen was, knocked on the door which was opened by another student, went in, confronted the freshman, checked his belongings, then beat him up. Despite the fact a teacher was in the classroom at the time and tried to get between them, the perps beat up him up anyway and wouldn't stop until several teachers and students got involved and put a stop to it.

The victim had absolutely nothing to do with the thefts. Now his mother has taken him out of that school and put him in another one, because he's scared. Makes no sense that this poor kid has to leave the school and eventually the other kids, the asshole bullies will get to go back.

Even though a couple of the students were arrested and some suspended, I don't think it's enough. Time to send a message. You bully other kids and beat on them---you're history.


There's absolutely NO room in school for this kind of behavior.

If schools can use zero tolerance as an excuse to suspend a little girl for bringing a steak knife to school to cut her steak at lunchtime, then surely they can use zero tolerance in this case and send a message that bullying and beating up other kids will not be tolerated, whether it be by star athletes or anyone else.

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  1. But the bullies were probably the stars of the football team and no one would dream of expelling them... I'll have to show this one to my husband... good one on stupid people's stupid reasoning...