Friday, January 25, 2008

Sly Stallone still my hero...

Since I am a HUGE lifelong fan of Sly Stallone, I gotta post my excitement about the new Rambo movie on January 25th!

Click here for the recent radio interview with him on The Savage Nation with host Michael Savage. Click the first screen for part one of the interview, and when it's over click the second screen below it.

Great interview. Sly's a good guy and a great actor and director. He takes his profession seriously especially the Rambo films. The movie has a real objective, it's shocking and thrilling! Not only is he a great actor but director as well. I've always known that, though so many still underestimate him.

Can't wait till the 25th! Oh wait that's TODAY!

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  1. Anonymous1/26/2008

    Stalone was on Rush yesterday. Rush gave his new movie rave reviews.--ST