Sunday, January 13, 2008

When the government becomes too powerful...

This story is a fine example of what happens...

I've read several sources on the story of the SWAT team invading the Colorado home of the Shiflett family and holding them at gunpoint, and all stories seem to say the same thing. And interestingly enough, although the Sheriff justifies his actions by saying Mr. Shiflett has a violent history, when asked, the Sheriff can't seem to recall any incident (outside of one in 2005) in which John Shiflett has been violent. In the 2005 case, a man was in Shiflett's house threatening him and Shiflett himself called the cops and chased the man out with an axe. While the Sheriff has been cited as saying John Shiflett has a history of violence, there's no record before or after the 2005 incident in which the man was simply running off a threat to his family. would you feel if your child were hurt and you knew how to care for him or her and a nosy neighbor called the paramedics, they showed up at your door and when you told them you had medical training and knew how to take care of it, they called the police on you?

How would you feel if the next day, while your son is doing just fine, a social worker appears at your house insisting she see your child alone? (Because we ALL know what happens when the dreaded social worker shows up at the home of an innocent person). How would you feel if when you refused to let her in, the DA got a judge issued a court order and sent the SWAT team over to your house?

How would you feel if the SWAT team armed with guns barged into your home, dragged your daughter by the arm down the hallway into the living room and threw her on the floor, put guns in the faces of you, your spouse and children?

How would you feel if the SWAT team began rifling through the cupboards throwing all alleged weapons like knives and other sharp objects on the floor where you can't get to them?

How would you feel if when you insisted that you have a right to a phone call, one of the SWAT members told you that only happens on television?

How would you feel if when your child was finally forced to see a doctor, the doctor prescribed tylenol and an ice pack---which is just what YOU were doing before your home was invaded.

How would you feel?

I know how I'd feel. I'd be scared to death, one wrong move and your whole family is dead. And when it was all over, I'd be pissed and wanting heads to roll, starting with the neighbor, the paramedics, the social worker, the judge, the Sheriff, the DA, and the SWAT team.

These people live in a trailer park, homeschool their kids and go to church. Makes me wonder if they're perceived as some kind of fanatics. Because you know of course all people who go to church, homeschool their kids and have a general distrust of government are dangerous, right?


  1. Wow.
    Just wow.
    I'm at a loss for other words. Every step of the way that went down was just so wrong.

  2. Anonymous1/16/2008

    This sounds like a nightmare from a novel, not something that should be able to happen in this country. ~RQ

  3. Anonymous1/17/2008

    Don't ask me. I go to church, homeschool my kids, and really distrust the government. I'm obviously a threat to society.--ST