Friday, February 22, 2008

The flu? What flu?

Finally, 8 days of being sick is officially over. And I must say that the "lingering effects" I thought would be there aren't and I couldn't be happier. Other than an occasional cough, which doesn't hurt and is quite productive in loosening mucus, I am officially over it. Normally when I get sick, it's not so much the illness itself that I hate, it's the recovery time which seems to linger for weeks. This time though, I took care of myself. I stayed home from work six days, had a weekend before and after and I rested all the time. I hardly ate anything but broth, drank LOTS of water, took warm soothing eucalyptus and peppermint baths with lavender to ease the muscle and joint pain and clear my nasal passages, and I even used vitamin E on my the outside of my nose to avoid that cracking and dryness that comes with blowing one's nose endlessly. All in all, this has been one of the quickest recovery periods I've ever had.

I am very thankful.

I've resigned myself to the fact that no matter the precautions we take to avoid illness, sometimes it can't be helped. I wash my hands before preparing food and before eating it, I wash them after returning home from a public place, after shaking hands with someone, and I sneeze into my arm and not my hands. I also am careful about NOT touching my face at work, especially the eyes, nose or mouth.

I know, I know it sounds silly doesn't it? Trust me I'm no germaphobe and I do know that our bodies have to have some contact with them. But...I try to do my best to have good hygiene to avoid illness. I do think it works too. This time, something hit me which I had no defense against and that's fine, it's over and I feel much better.

If you find yourself with the flu, just follow my regimen if you can--- REST, DRINK, WARM BATHS (make sure someone's home when you're in the tub!), and STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL and WORK!

No sense in prolonging your own illness or giving it to someone else, right?



  1. Glad you are better now. The interesting thing this flu season is that they are admitting the vaccine doesn't protect from this years predominant strain of the flu! Gawd.

    I've been battling back, myself. Been on antibotics that have been kicking my butt for 9 days. Today's the last day. Finally.

  2. Anonymous2/27/2008

    I actually caught this one as well. This is the first time I've had it in 20 years. No kidding.

    I'm glad your better.--ST