Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If only this were the most pressing issue in this nation...

Everything I've ever heard, seen or read about Roger Clemens has led me to believe he's a respectable man.

Everything I've ever heard, seen or read about most of our Congress in Washington has led me to believe they are not.

With all the corruption and hypocrisy that goes on in Washington it just irks me to no end that they have no more pressing business than Roger Clemens. What we have is basically a he said-he said. And can I just add in for a moment my amazement at the former trainer who says he kept bandages and syringes used when injecting Clemens? Yuk! But hey, if Congress is going to waste their time on this, let's get some DNA evidence. We could put this whole sorry story behind us with a little DNA testing.

Congress wants the Justice Department to investigate Roger Clemens for perjury. Uh hey--are there any Dems on this committee? Gee, where was their outrage when Clinton was in the hotseat for perjury?

They were crying foul.

But now it's ok to investigate Roger Clemens when there is no other evidence but hearsay.

In any case, I don't like Congress getting involved in this. It stinks. Let the professional sports associations police themselves, why do our lawmakers have to stick their noses in it? Maybe it's because there's no real lobbying of professional teams in Congress, lawmakers aren't making any money or getting any kickbacks from professional sports so why let them alone? Perhaps after this sordid mess is all over and Roger Clemens has lost his career and reputation over an issue which may never be resolved one way or the other, the MLB, NFL, and NBA will hire powerful lobbyists in Washington to pad the pockets of certain Congressmen so they'll look the other way---whichhappens so much of the time.

There are a million more pressing issues going on in America right now than whether or not Roger Clemens or any other athlete took steroids or HGH. It's about priorities. In our daily lives, you and I have to constantly prioritize because we just don't have time to handle every single little issue that comes our way. Right now we try and deal with the real important items and then when we're a bit more relaxed and have more time, then we tend to the smaller, more insignificant things. This should hold true for our government, the government who is wasting our tax dollars daily on this sham. If and when Congress solves this nation's most critical problems, then perhaps, if they are really bored and sitting there collecting a few hundred thousand per year twiddling thumbs because there's nothing for them to do, then maybe, just maybe they can probe professional sports.

Until then, they should suck it up and get to the real business of government.

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