Sunday, February 10, 2008

My "Roy Scheider" story...

Everybody's got a celebrity story right? Well I have a few, this one is about Roy Scheider, a great actor who will be missed!

The year was 1990 and I was working in sales and marketing at an upscale local hotel. I was walking out of my office one day into the main hall when I saw this man, somewhat small in stature, coming in from the pool with a towel around him, a book, and sunglasses on. I knew who it was, it was Roy Scheider. He and his cast and crew were staying in town filming a movie. I thought "I love this man, my mother loves this man, I have to get his autograph!"

I mean really now-WHO hasn't seen Jaws? My parents took us to see it when it first came out!

And of course "We're gonna need a bigger boat" pretty much sums up my life.

Anyway, thinking quick (as always), I ran back in my office and looked around quickly for something to write with and write on. The first thing I could get my hands on was a blank sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper and a sharpie!

I quickly went back to where he was near the elevator ready to go to his room, approached him and said,

"Mr. Scheider! Mr. Scheider! My mom just loves your work, could I please have your autograph?"

and sure enough he stopped and smiled and we talked a bit while he autographed that paper which my mom STILL has hanging on her wall today!

And that's my celebrity story for today. Maybe if you're good, someday, I'll tell you about the time I yelled to Bill Clinton at a rally during his first run for office, "hey Bill remember me!"


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  1. Missed talking to you today, but yes, we had a nice anniversary.

    I was so down after reading about his death, but then I remembered that day with you at the hotel...I loved it! I do still have that note right here on my wall. I mean the man was like part of the family after all these years of watching Jaws.

    Your sister called today and relayed a story of her own, when she was in school she used Jaws as the subject of her English assignment! She covered the entire film in her own words in that paper.