Monday, February 11, 2008

Surgeon General's Warning: "Living beyond your means may cause you to commit murder"

Ok well it's not an official Surgeon General's Warning but how long before it becomes one?

According to this pathetic piece called news by Thomas Lake of the St. Pete Times, Leon Davis Jr. went on a mass murder spree because he lived a lavish lifestyle and bought a house he couldn't afford. That's got to be one of the most despicable pieces of dog-squeeze to be emitted from the print media in quite some time. Here's the problem, Mr. Lake would like us to think that Leon Davis was a seemingly normal person who went on a horrific crime spree because he was trying to keep up with the Joneses.

From the story:

Someone glancing at headlines then might have pictured Davis as a violent career criminal. A closer look at his history, however -- an examination of hundreds of records, public and private, as well as interviews with people close to him -- suggests something far more complex.

Uh yep, he's violent, no question about that. And complex? Hardly. He murdered FIVE innocent people without batting an eye. Two of his victims were shot in the head at point blank range, he doused two innocent women (one of them pregnant) on fire and as they burned he poured even more gasoline on them, and the fifth victim was the premature-born child of the pregnant burn victim.

Thomas Lake wants us to believe that Leon Davis's need for living a life of luxury caused him to commit crimes, I say that the guy was a mentally unstable (you'd have to be to set someone on fire!) and a menace to society LONG before he bought his $196,000 home.

I'm not buying it. Not one bit!!

I know a lot of people who at one time or another have found themselves in financial straits. (Who of us doesn't know someone in that position?) Some of these folks were able to work their way out of it, some of them are still working on it, some of them haven't done anything and are still there. Some folks took extra jobs, some sold the home they couldn't afford and moved into a smaller one or even an apartment, some sold off things they didn't need, some went back to school for an education to make more money. There are ways to get out of debt that don't include murder. There is absolutely NO excuse for what Leon Davis did and because he's a psychopath with an obvious history of instability he pay with his life.

Leon Davis Jr. has plead not guilty and it'll be interesting to see WHY he thinks he isn't guilty. Diminished capacity perhaps? Come on, he knew what he was doing. He once posted on his blog he wanted to begin living a clean life, well it's too late for that but at least he could stand up and be a real man for once in his life and accept responsibility for his actions and face the consequences.

But as long as people like Thomas Lake keep making excuses for this kind of behavior, it will never happen.

And as far as the title of Thomas Lake's piece "How Debt Led one man to an American Nightmare"....

no no no...that is all wrong!!

Leon Davis didn't experience the American nightmare, Leon Davis is the American nightmare. His victims experienced it firsthand, their families will live with it for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Anonymous2/13/2008

    OMG! That is unbelievable. It has been my observation that those people who flip out from debt kill themselves and not other people. How bizarre that a reporter would even write such dribble. I totally agree with your take on the situation.--ST