Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who's flying the plane?

Nobody's flying the plane!

Ok that's an old line from "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and if you haven't seen it, you should.

Which brings me to my next rant....

For the past several months, Anderson-Columbia has been performing road construction at US Highway 129 and County Road 340 just a few miles from where my parents live. This is part of a larger $10,588,800.65 job which extends from the area where they live to the county line.

The only reasonable way to get to town (and towns beyond that) from their house is through that intersection. All those years we've traveled that area, I've never had an accident there, neither has any member of my family nor any of my friends, or most people I've known.

And yet, the state is spending money to adjust the height and slope of hills to provide better sight distance. That's because some people don't know how to drive. You see, there's a red flashing light on the east and west sides of the intersection and a constant yellow flashing caution light on the north and south sides. On the south side of the intersection is a hill. It's simple, if you are proceeding east or west, you STOP at the red flashing light, look both ways, take precaution and then proceed. If you're heading north or south, you proceed but you still look just in case some idiot pulls out in front of you. Most of us have been doing it for years with no problem.

Back in April 2002, a local deputy in his squad car with lights flashing was headed in the north or southbound lane when he slammed into a pickup truck carrying four teenagers which had run through the flashing red light at the intersection. Three teens died at the scene, the fourth died at the hospital and the deputy was injured. None of the individuals in either vehicle was wearing a seat belt, all were ejected. I believe marijuana was found in the truck but I can't remember at this time. As I do recall though the accident happened late at night when one would think the underage teens should have been in bed sleeping.

I recall after that incident many parents were complaining the intersection was dangerous.

Hate to say it but as of right now, the road construction going on seems to be far more dangerous than the intersection was pre-construction. The road crew is not doing their jobs and could cost someone their life! For instance, my dad and brother were on Hwy 129 a few days ago and when they reached the worker with the stop sign, they of course, stopped. The road worker then gave them the signal to proceed and that's what they did and when they got over the hill, they were headed right into oncoming traffic!! The idiot on the other end had apparently let his drivers go at the same time!

My dad and my brother could have been seriously injured or worse, they could have been killed because of the workers inability to do pay attention to detail.

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