Friday, March 07, 2008

The asshole Tripp Isenhour...

This story really angers me. Pro golfer Tripp Isenhour was annoyed at a red hawk which was carrying on loudly near where he was filming a TV show so he decided to go after it. Sorry but I don't buy that he didn't think he'd come close to it or harm it. He acts now like he's sorry.

Bullshit! He's just sorry because he's in trouble. Kinda like Michael Vick who was only sorry because he got caught. If nobody had been around when Isenhour did this, it's unlikely he would have cared.

You can tell a LOT about people by the way they treat animals. And right now I think that Isenhour's actions by killing this harmless, innocent animal, speaks VOLUMES!

I know that he's been fined but it isn't enough. I'm just sick of people who hurt animals. There is no, absolutely NO excuse!!!!


  1. question 1 - why would a bird making noise in an outside, on location, show need to be retaken? unless it's that it unnerved him so greatly that he lost his train of thought or something. but wouldn't you think the second take he'd be ready for it?

    question 2 - there had to be more than just the camera who reported it (a few days later) there with him; why didn't any one rush the guy or call the cops right then and there?

    personally i never met a bird i liked - snuck in to see "the birds" when i was 10 and have been scared to death of all flying animals since - but i have never conspired to kill one. mostly i think they are beautiful and elegant and, well, magic. but i just stay as far as away as possible whilst admiring them.

    i love your site, glad you found me so i could find you. i'm blogrolling you too. cheers!

  2. He claims it was an accident, after 7 shots moving up from 300 yards to 75 yards, he finally got his wish. Whether or not he meant to kill it, he had no business going after the damn thing unless he planned to eat it. That should be part of his punishment. He should have to clean it, preapare it, and eat it. It's how my Dad taught me not to kill animals uselessly. Have you ever cleaned and cooked an armadillo? Trust me you don't want to!

    Take Care


  3. Son of a bitch, had no legal or moral right to kill that bird, hawks are protected by federal law, just as eagles and songbirds are. I wish I had been in close vicinity, he'd be in his orange coveralls by now.