Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh so what's a little nepotism in state government?

Governor Charlie Crist just appointed 34-year old Sara Gonzalez, wife of his General Counsel Jason Gonzalez, to Chair of the Public Employees Relations Commission, with an annual salary of $100,000 per year. The position hears complaints by state employees and keeps a watchful eye on unions. The position is traditionally one held by an attorney.

So what were Sara Gonzalez's credentials? According to Governor Crist:

"She's honest, she's smart, she's got an advanced degree, new blood."

Sara Gonzalez is a former physician's assistant for a dermatology office.

That's about it. Now that doesn't mean she's not honest, smart, or of good moral character. She may very well be all those things. But there are other qualifications for this job, no?

This reeks of nepotism. And in Crist's administration apparently there's more of this kind of thing going on that's just not been made public. We'll see what happens during the confirmation process.

Don't blame me, I voted for Rod Smith...


  1. Hey, don't get me started about government and politics and our political system.

    If you had your way you would be a monarch, yes you would.

  2. Anonymous3/20/2008

    Well, her medical training might help Crist get his head out of his ass :-)