Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Excuse me while I brag a little :)

I earned a 79 (C+) on my Algebra exam! Now I've got a 79.4 (C+) average in the course. This is far better than I thought I would be at this point. Now if this were my grade in History or English or any writing courses I'd be horrified but see algebra is my weakness and I'm overcoming it and a C+ is just fine with me!!

RedQueen talked me into not skipping summer term. She knows how long it took me to go back to school, if I stop one term, it'll be hard going back! Besides why put off graduation? There's some logistics to work out but I'm going to stick with finishing in December :)


  1. congrats, jess and i certainly agree with redqueen on the summer session. but as for the 79 in algebra - you're sooooo close to an 80 (and a b) and nearly 7 weeks left on the term.

    surely you can get over that hump. why settle for a c (admittedly better than you'd hoped for) when you can go for the b. i'm betting this is the only grade below a b anywhere in transcripts, right?

    have you considered sylvan? :)

  2. I am close, it's so exciting LOL. I was so scared of this course and it's only intermediate algebra!

    I'm only 4 courses from finishing my degree and the only non-A's have been a B in Astronomy and B+ in Meteorology, both of which were awesome and interesting but VERY challenging. When I earned the B+ was last semester when I was taking three courses and working full time, I don't know how I balanced them but I did!

    I'd like to pull off an A this term in this algebra course.

    As RQ who comes here often and has been one of only a very few close friends for 12 years now, Sma( my wonderful mommy :), and ST (Susan--who has known me since junior HIGH school LOL) will tell you, I don't like earning anything less than an "A" but it did take me four years to get to the point where if I'm doing my VERY best work, then I will be happy with the grade I earn.

    I can improve in the math by relaxing and NOT looking so far into the problem to solve it. I deal with problems on a daily basis, and they require much thought. Sometimes I put too much thought into the math problems....sometimes they are so easy and I miss it because of that.

    I can do it! :)

  3. March on!! Sounds like you're doing great and you WILL get that A. I can tell. I'm magic like that. Where I'm NOT magic is my own math skills. (That's a whole other post) It's not luck, so I won't say "good luck" I will say

    Res firma mitescere nescit

    Once you've got it up, keep it up

    Take Care