Monday, March 17, 2008

How do these people become teachers?

Jameeka Chambers, a public school teacher at Meadowbrook Middle School in Orlando, told a pupil he could hold it in or pee in his lunchbox when he asked to go to the bathroom. And so he did--he peed in his lunchbox, cause as he said "when you have to go, you have to go" and pissing in his lunchbox was a lot less embarassing than pissing in his pants, don't you think?

Jameeka Chambers has a page on the Meadowbrook Middle School website. An exerpt:

“As one committed to service to all mankind, scholastic achievement, and the well-being of all persons, I look forward to assisting all my students reach their personal stars. This will be my “first” teaching experience, teaching 6th grade Language Arts"

And with any luck, Miss Chambers, it will be your last.


  1. I thought he had to pee in her lunch box? Heck... I would have pee'd on her desk!

    I agree and hope she doesn't teach again and hope that this is a lesson to those who teach and think they can read minds, and are above the law. They're really control freaks and should be spanked with a wooden paddle.

  2. Anonymous3/18/2008

    This whole story is silly. First of all, there is a serious problem when a 13 year old is in the 6th grade in Orange County. His mother should be focusing on that, and not trying to highlight the fact that her son peed in a lunch box. I think that the teacher might have sarcastically said something along does lines, and obviously he was okay with peeing in the back of the classroom. Personally I would have left the classroom, if I had to go that bad, istead of letting all my classmates witness me peeing in class. I can remember in my time, there was plenty of instances where I asked to go to the restroom and had other motives.As a matter of fact, the kid admitted that he was known as a joker in school. Teachers deal with this kind of stuff everyday!

  3. Actually it's not unusual for a 13 year old boy to be in the sixth grade. Unless you failed a grade or started late, it all depends on where your birthday falls...there were kids who turned 13 when I was in sixth grade because of when their birthdays were and when school began. For me, I didn't turn 13 until two months after I began 7th grade. Being 16 and in the 6th grade is in issue but being 13? No.

    The issue isn't whether or not he is a joker, he asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher said to wait or pee in the lunchbox.

    If you have to go, you have to go. If I were a teacher, and I had a kid abusing it, I'd be consulting his parents. There's no history of this kid abusing "going to the bathroom". So if a kid asks to go, let him go.

  4. Anonymous3/19/2008

    As someone with nerve damage that has created a when-you-gotta-go situation for my own life, I can certainly relate to someone who needs to use the restroom and can't wait. On the other hand, I think we can all wait before rushing to judgment. The lady in question is, quite appropriately I think, on paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation, and until we get her side of the story too, then we really don't have one.

    Lisa W.

  5. Anonymous3/19/2008

    OK, I seriously think that this entire ordeal is going way too far.
    If any of you have ever worked with children, as a volunteer, substitute, or teacher, you will know that children play the bathroom game. I have seen it time and time again, some schools do have rules about bathroom breaks, did anyone ever think of that? And how strange is it, that a 13 year old child would rather pee in the back of the class than JUST WALK OUT! I think that deliberately challenging the teachers authority would have been a better prank than actually peeing in the back of the classroom. If he did really pee, I think the little snot did it on purpose to show out. Teachers are given too much grief now-a-days, and they are underpaid BABY-SITTERS that have to deal with all of the stress, hardship, and mess that is happening in a childs life at that time. Has anyone thought that maybe the teacher could be innocent? A 13 year olds word, versus an educator who busts their butt before, during and after school? please...

  6. Yep, teachers have a tough job with students these days. Four nearly fourteen years I've had to at some point or another had to deal with the older versions of the kind of kid you describe.

    Teachers are supposed to teach, they shouldn't have to parent, babsysit, or do anything but EDUCATE. Anonymous, read through past posts and you'll see that you and I agree STRONGLY on that--I am very much disgusted with the lack of respect in youngsters in public schools!

    That said, I am also ticked off with the zero tolerance and poor judgment making in public schools in past years. And so that's why any time this crap goes on in public schools I roll my eyes and rant again, because I like you guys are just tired of it.

    Many of the individuals parents are trusting their children to, are poor decision makers themselves and should NOT be teaching children. Actually I think it starts in administration, get rid of those idiots and put in real people who care about the kids.

    Then of course add in the parents who don't support and encourage their kids, who think that school is a place to dump their kids so they'll have 8 or 9 hours of peace and quiet...but that's another story.

    Sure teachers make mistakes, hell they're only human, and we ALL make mistakes, BUT there's common sense and good judgment that's becoming an issue these days, not necessarily in this case (because as of yet, the guilt hasn't been proven) but in so many other cases. Most past cases aren't just "mitsakes" they are clear-cut lack of judgment and no common sense.

    I hope that you find anonymous that we do agree on some level :) Please keep coming back!!

    :) Jess