Friday, March 21, 2008

If this doesn't confuse you, nothing will...

Cast of characters:

HH - head honcho
A - person who works directly for head honcho
HH2-other person of importance who works in unit
B - works directly with HH2, job requirements/description very different from A

HH is stepping down as leader of the pack. Currently replacements are being interviewed. It's anyone's guess if anyone will actually take the job during a budget crisis but one can only hope. In the meantime there's a critical position in the unit that must be filled right away because the person who held it retired four months ago.

Now, person "A" who works with HH expressed some interest but found out there were things about the job s/he didn't like so s/he decided not to apply for it. Position was offered to an individual who turned it down. So now the unit is back to square one and wondering what to do next. Four weeks pass and still nothing is done about it. HH is telling his person "A" all kinds of things like people are going to be laid off and this and that, meanwhile some staff are in a tizzy because nobody's sure if their job is secure. Well some people are secure. Some folks are telling person "A" not to pay any mind to HH, he just gets carried away at times. Anyway, critical position still needs filling, HH tells person "A" that s/he should go down there and take the job, but that when person "A" leaves their job, it won't be filled. Well person "A" is the right hand person of HH and since person "A's" new boss says person "A" won't be going back to their old office a few days a week to see things through till a transition is made, they all ask HH "ok so who is going to do person A's job?"

That's when HH announces boldly that person "B" will do it. Person "B" of course has a different title and job description altogether from the position person "A" is vacating, not to mention person "B" has a lot to do, always very busy and when person "B" finds out, they get really pissed off. Mostly because HH never consulted with person "B" or person "B's" supervisor who we'll call HH#2. It's just common courtesy and respect, ya think?

HH has been thinking about this for a few days at least because he made mention to person "A" who made mention to person "B" who told B's supervisor HH#2 so HH2 could get involved and say "uh no way Jose".

So HH decides just out of the blue this is the way it is. Person B gets an email from person A saying that perhaps person B should have HH2 contact HH and find out WTF is going on. Well it's Easter weekend and HH2 is gone right now. But person B says "hmm I'm gonna take matters into me own hands" and calls HH and says in so many words-- "ok WTF?" well not exactly that but "B" is pretty brash and asks HH to just come out and say what's up so there's no surprises Monday morning. Well HH says "you know "A" is leaving right?" and "B" says "sure" and HH says that he needs someone do to A's job and "that leaves you" he says to B. Well B is like "WTF" because I mean at least ASK eh?

Person B figures they might as well take one for the team and says "whatever needs to be done" and asks HH if he wants her to do it because he values person B and thinks highly of person B and HH says yes, of course. Hmm. ok. Person B knows HH respects them but still....

Anyway, A and B had a nice phone conversation this evening. Seems both are upset about the way it's been handled. Actually several other individuals are too. Situation could have been handled differently. Person B just figures that they will incorporate whatever duties person A used to do in with the regular functions of B's job. B is usually pretty busy but if they all have to chip in to save jobs and help get through the tough times till a new HH is found, then that's what has to be done. Doesn't mean B isn't ticked that HH didn't at least CONSULT B or HH2 but still complaining does no good. Person B is just going to have to do what has to be done to do two jobs for the next few months until new HH is found.

Sometimes you just have to take one for the team and just do it right? Incredibly person B is taking it very well and has a good attitude about it. That's because Person B has a goal in mind that doesn't include a career at said organization. Person B knows their worth and knows that someday they will achieve the big goal. This is just a means of getting there. So why worry?

And so that's the saga of HH, HH2, and persons A&B. Stay tuned...


  1. HH? Does he really need that Title?
    I mean he is not doing things decent and in order, but come to think of it..B, will end of with his job,or better yet be his boss!! LOVE IT!!

  2. Anonymous3/22/2008

    Let me guess. Is person B a close friend of mine?

    Also, it seems like HH's never really know what they are doing and depend on the A and B persons to make them look good.--ST

  3. Yep B is a close friend of ST, an avid reader of Single, daughter of Sma, cohort in crime of RQ, and anti WW's :)

    Good news is that HH2 who was out of town now knows what's up and assures B that HH will not be taking advantage of B's services.

    Also, did I mention that A&B are not just coworkers but friends too? B thinks the world of A and vice versa, B is thrilled A is taking the new position and both A&B are extremely annoyed about how HH handled this. Of course let's see, others are too....

    All is well :)

  4. Oh and by the way WW = wicked witches :)

  5. Me single? or another single!! I am all over this!! LOL!!

  6. Oh My! I am so not IN the Know on my own blog! I Am however still ready kick some booty!


  7. Watch out for person D, D may get the job just because they're sleeping with some HH somewhere! Then both A and B will be S O L! So B had better dot her Is and cross her Ts PDQ. Hopefully she doesn't have ADD or OCD or heaven forbid, ADHD.