Thursday, March 06, 2008

No system of punishment or reward...

Annual evaluations are due and most of us are asking "what's the point?"

Evaluations are the one way in which we measure performance. But at a state institution there's no system of punishment for slackers and no system of reward for those who excel. Believe me, I know this for a fact. And my mother, who gave about ten years of her life to this place knows it too.

DH was just two points from perfect score on his recent evaluation and I have no doubt mine will be excellent as has been the case in the last fourteen years I've been here. In regards to performance bonuses, DH and I each received one a few years ago but then it didn't mean anything when we saw that people who are poor performers at this institution received it too. That just devalues the whole meaning behind merit and performance bonuses.

Once you're in the state system and you pass probation you're here for life and everyone knows it. It's like a running joke, but it's not particularly funny anymore. It's especially difficult to fire a staff member (we're not talking tenured faculty, that's a whole other issue) who doesn't do their job or who breaks the rules if they are related to or know someone higher up, or basically if those higher up just don't give a damn. You can violate the rules here and you get a letter, instead of being canned. If this were a private company, people like this would be gone.

And so this evaluation period will come and go but really nobody gives a shit because the evaluations don't mean shit.


  1. I went through that my entire working life and your right no one gives a shit (except you) you care about how you do your job as i did mine now that im not working any more and probably not even remembered i can still say i did the best i could always a 100% and im proud of that i dont really care if any one else is. So cheer up no of this will mean crap in a 100 years.

  2. It is demoralizing to care more and give more than other people, and see them getting away with slacking. In the end, you have to continue to give the kind of performance you can live with because that's who you are, and because you have to answer to yourself, not because of any outside recognition or secondary benefits. And you can hold your head high.

  3. Pa and Samantha Alice sum it up well. In the end, we hold ourselves to the standard we set, and no one else really matters.

    Your good evaluations might mean a little more now that the university has announced layoffs. Evaluations will be a factor in calculating "retention points". Is it possible that there will finally be some reward for a job well done? We'll see.

  4. Hey there!
    I wanted to comment on your latest post, but blogger is having an "issue" and I can't get into comments up there. Regarding this post, it's sad but true, state institutions are the places where the mediocre come to roost and those who excel find difficulty in getting noticed. By and large, your biggest reward will be that YOU know you were the one carrying the ball. Another effect is that your bosses will invariably come to you when they want something done right. Even if they don't acknowledge you as the "GO-TO-GIRL". Your own personal satisfaction tends to be your only reward. Or at least your main reward. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I had found yours a while back but couldn't remember how I found it. I've got you locked in now! If you can find my other posts in here somewhere, you'll read that I am a born Floridian, I grew up in Pasco county, near Weeki Wachee. Great blog sister! Take care,