Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not sure how this popped into my head...

I don't know WHY this movie popped into my mind today but when I think of it I laugh at all the great lines and scenes. I'm talking about "El Dorado" from 1967 with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan. It's one of my favorites.

In one scene, good guy/gunfighter Cole Thornton (The Duke) and young drifter Mississippi (Caan) are shooting it out with the bad guys. Mississippi shoots at one but the guy escapes and is hiding somewhere nearby...

Cole: Did you get him?

Mississippi: Who?

Cole: The fella that ran outta the church!

Mississippi: Well, yes and no.

Cole: Yes and no? Did you or didn't you?

Mississippi: I hit the sign, and the sign hit him.

Cole: Well, that's great.

Mississippi: He was limping when he left!

Cole: He was limping when he got here!

Another great scene:

Drunk sheriff J.P. Harrah (Mitchum) has been shot and they're back in the jail and Mississippi wants to take a look at JP's leg. Mississippi is the young drifter who is far better with a knife than with a gun.

Mississippi: I gotta cut this pant leg.

Harrah: Well go ahead and cut it! Have you got a kni...
(Mississippi pulls out his rather large knife from where he hides it behind his back)

Harrah (With a big gulp): A...knife?
Uh, I suppose I've asked this before, but just who are you?

Cole: Tell him your name Mississippi

Mississippi (sighing and looking up): Alan..Bourdillion...Traherne

Harrah (still confused): Allen Bourdillion Tra--who?

Cole: Trahayne!

Mississippi: Traherne!

Cole: Traherne.

Harrah: Well no wonder he carries a knife.

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  1. Hon, I think you are Like a lot of us, We never know what is going on in our head, until we start writing..

    This stuff right here is funny!! I mean really funny It makes me want to see the movie..