Monday, March 03, 2008

The problem with education... "multiple choice" questions.

Who learns anything from multiple choice?

I took another History test last night, earned a B+. My average in the course right now is a B, a lousy B. This for a person who is usually an "A" student especially in any course that involves writing assignments.

The only "grades" we earn in the course are two short writing assignments and seven exams, that's it. And our first writing assignment that was due in January hasn't even been graded yet. My strength is in writing and that's where I really earn my A's. Being graded on only two writing assignments with the rest of the grades coming from multiple choice tests makes me feel like I'm being cheated.

Don't you think that in an American History course we should be writing more? We should be writing essays and research papers, but instead we're reduced to multiple choice.

You're damn straight I feel like I'm being cheated.

It sucks.

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