Thursday, March 27, 2008

RQ's daddy in da house...

You know it's one thing when you get your own blog but it's entirely another when your parents enter the competition. Setting up their own blog is another sign your parents have moved into the 21st century :) Mom got set up on one some time ago which she appropriately titled "Maalox Moments" but stopped writing, then dad set one up but didn't keep up with it.

The latest parent in the blogosphere is none other than Kermit the Blog who is my pal RQ's daddy dearest. The first time I ever met RQ's Daddy was about 11 years ago and he still looks the same and he's really funny, and VERY opinionated! A few months ago DH met him for the first time and they actually hit it off, although I will say that being in the midst of those two during an opinionated conversation is quite interesting....and hilarious.

Anyway, RQ's daddy is an awesome guy. If you get a chance you should check out his new pad which I've got linked above. He just got started so he doesn't have much written but he makes good points and well....he's just a damn good guy! So be sure to check him out and say hi!