Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wasn't I just talking about the idiocy in public schools?

In this story, the public school system has done it again! The girl is sick on the bus, instead of getting off to go to school and properly checking out with an illness, she stays on the bus while the driver picks up the elementary school kids, then the driver plans to drop her at home on the way. The driver passes out, the teen takes over and stops the bus, saving the kids inside. The teen got weekend detention for cutting class and not adhering to school policy.

If I had been this girl's mother, I would have told school officials to go to hell, no way would my daughter be sitting in weekend detention. Her presence on that bus saved those kids!!

Yes, there are rules for a reason, but the implementation of zero tolerance in schools has effectively taken away any opportunity for individuals in positions of authority to use their brains and common sense to weigh situations carefully and make decisions based upon circumstances.

You can reach Principal Don Livermore at or (831) 583-2060


  1. The school district has decided to "honor" this girl somehow, according to an update to the story - must be caving to all the pressure, this story is everywhere.

    They still haven't lifted the punishment though.

    The girl will be on GoodMorning America tomorrow too.

  2. I like the John Wayne quote. Your blog title is also nice, pretty much what I'm waiting for.

    I wrote about our school systems years ago, before I ever got online.

    Had a parts house in Utah and put out a weekly news letter.

    Hey, don't get me started. LOL