Saturday, March 08, 2008

Well at least we didn't kill each other...

DH (last Saturday):, "Would you like to go to the Carriage Museum again next Saturday?"

Me: "We were just THERE in January! You took over a hundred pictures then!"

DH: "Oh yeah but now I want to to take pics with the new digital camera"

Me: "How about I let you know by Tuesday?"

For three days he kept asking if I'd made a decision, and I reminded him I had till Tuesday to decide. Finally on Tuesday, because I knew he was like a little kid in a candy store I said "OK, I'll go."

We left 8 am this morning, with a few stops we finally arrived there at 10. Oh I should backtrack and tell you that where we traveled to was the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort in Weirsdale which is in Lake County, near the Villages of Lady Lake. It's owned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Gloria Austin and run by a private foundation. It's a beautiful horse carriage & chariot museum located on a magnificent 400-acre horse ranch/resort. Not only is there a museum but also a training center, and a resort where people can bring their horses and stay awhile. Anyway, if you love horses and history, you'll love this place.

Ok so we left at 8 am, arrived at 10, and boy was it was windy and cold! When we stopped so I could take photos of one of the lakes the fountain sprayed into the car!

We went into the Museum and 3 1/2 hours later, DH was finished taking his photographs. He had taken not only a pic (and in many cases not just ONE but THREE or FOUR pictures from different angles!) of every single carriage but every single placard that went with it, identifying it's date, maker and other pertinent historical information. Sometime after the first hour, I thought "oh Lordy how long will this take?"

DH kept asking me along the way if I was bored. Oh no I wasn't bored, not at all, with all the history there, the beautiful carriages and just the immense beauty of the place inside and out, I could live there!!! And of course I was indulged in many conversations with the Docent-in-training Marie, who was a wonderful person. The Docents are volunteers, usually retired folks, living in the Villages or other areas, who volunteer their time giving tours of the museum and answering questions. Marie lives in Pennsylvania most of the year and spends four months here and during that time she volunteers at the Museum. She's the second Docent I've met there, the first being Jan, who also lived in the Villages. They were both very nice and interesting to talk to!

Anyway we left the museum about 1:30, headed to the Golden Corral which is located on SR 200 in Ocala. It's really the best I've experienced. Very clean, good food, and good service (well the service lacks at times). When we arrived there was a line, no parking, and we were starved. Finally we went to Sonny's, ate, relaxed, stopped at Hobby Lobby so DH could price out something, and then we arrived home....

at about 5:30 p.m.

Near to home, DH remarked "damn I didn't think it would take us this long" and yet I wanted to say "well DUH" how could he not expect it would take forever LOL!

Needless to say, we got home and were pooped. I mean I didn't feel like doing anything. I changed clothes, got in my lazyboy with a blankie and fell alseep until DH woke me (grrr!) so I could see Pebbles who jumped into the linen closet and was making herself at home, and then while I was up of course he asked me to help him make the bed. And of course I replied with a number of expletives which I will spare you here. And then I helped him.

All in all it was a relatively calm and interesting day. We had the usual 2.5 arguments which consisted of him asserting his thoughts on things as "the way it oughta be" and me disputing him and then finally realizing the effort is futile, I gave up with the usual:

"I'm done with this conversation"

To which he replies with that usual intellectual and well-thought out retort:

"because you know I'm right!"

And at that moment what was running through my head was:

"Yes dear, I'm ending this conversation which is making me want to choke the piss out of you because of course as always I know you're right."

:) With a big smile of course, I kept that one to myself!

I always love driving through horse country (and as you know Ocala is horse capital of the world!) and remarking about who can afford those huge ass luxury homes that are being built all over the place. All in all, we had a good time, we always do when we go places together. And of course an added bonus was that we didn't kill each other, which I do suppose, is a good thing, right? :)


  1. yes, jess, that is usually considered to be a good thing - unless of course you have a foolproof method of hiding the fact that a murder has occured...

    btw, i'm NOT such a good speller. :)

  2. I've got to find you a good leg of lamb......