Saturday, April 05, 2008

Come on RedQueen get with it girl...

I'll tell you right now, straight from the hip--RQ is dynamite. She's intelligent, well-spoken, sassy, classy, a snappy dresser (I just love the red shoes!). And oh yes she has without a doubt a SUPERB sense of humor. She's a little demented in that way, kinda like my own family which is I suppose why I consider her the older sister I never had. In fact, my mom, dad, grams and younger sis accepted her into ours oh some 12 years ago!

But back to RQ, one thing she's NOT is consistent at writing in her blog. Oh I know she's busy, trust me VERY busy, but if anyone should be writing in a blog, it's her. I miss her wit and wisdom, when we get together we LAUGH oh boy do we LAUGH. We have lunch weekly--or well we try to, go figure we only work across the courtyard from one another, sometimes we get so busy we can't have lunch--but there's always our blogging, email and then the phone! Speaking of the phone, the other day she called me at my office while she was on her way to work. She was at the Prairie which is several miles out town and next thing I know I was hearing --over the phone mind you--her very "walking with a purpose" walk that only she has (I KNOW when she's in the hallway on her way to my office because of her walk LOL!). Well we had talked and laughed so long we had talked her right into her building!

RQ is like nobody I've ever met, she's got all the qualities you'd want in a friend, but most of all she makes me LAUGH and I can be myself around her. There are only a few people I can do that with--RQ, Susan, Jeanette, Jennifer--I just feel NORMAL around them, whatever NORMAL for me is!! And if I tried NOT to be myself, RQ would call me out on it and say in so many words of course "don't bullshit me Jess". Or maybe she'd say it just like that.

RQ and I have often talked of our BIG adventure, oh we've had a lot of small ones over the last twelve years, but we've been spending a lot of time talking about the "million dollar" idea, well we've had many but I know we've got a big one now. Anyway, it really isn't about the money so much as it is the idea of being able to "do it" like so many others have. There are people out there who have taken small seemingly silly ideas and gone really far. So there is NO doubt in my mind that RQ and I will be getting our newest adventure off the ground at some point, but in the meantime I'd love it if she blogged more.

I'm going through withdrawals RQ, you gotta post, you've just got to. There's so much stupid silly shit going on in the world, how can you NOT have material?!? And then there's your family---your dad has his own blog, your brother now has one, theres SO much material right there LOL. Hell my best material comes from my own LIFE!!!

Anyway, let's all encourage RQ to get her butt in gear!!


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  1. Good morning, Jess. You got me Monday off to a great start. Here I am, trolling my favorite blogs, looking for an excuse to delay just a few more minutes before getting ready for work and I find...this!

    Thanks for the encouragement, the compliments, and the kick in the tush. Let me just get through this last week of insanity at work, and I will get back on it. You can hold me to that. And lunch this week. :-)