Monday, April 14, 2008

Dr. Phil the schmuck!

He had his staffers paid the $30,000 in bail money to get Mercades Nichols out of the Polk County jail so she could be on his show.

Don't know who she is? Click on her name above. She's one of what I have "affectionately" nicknamed the "Lakeland Eight" that is the group of teenage perps who participated in the assault and battery on Victoria Lindsey in Lakeland, Florida recently.

Gee, next thing you know Ms. Nichols will have a book deal eh?

And again, I ask what about VICTORIA LINDSAY?

She's the victim here, doesn't anyone give a shit about her?


  1. He is going down a lonely road here anyway, you feel me? He is always in trouble, he is an arrogant ass. This is the icing on the cake.

    He cares about what he is suppose to care about the ratings.. He is on Oprah's bandwagon.. that is all I needed to know to just let him go...

    I hope they all get what they deserve!

  2. Wow, he's really shown his true colors with this hasn't he? So much for my respect of Dr Phil.

  3. TV loves exciting criminals, especially if they're females. They sell a lot of commercial time and jack up ratings. But victims, when they are authentic victims and not sociopathic bullshitters, aren't so interesting to the people who run network TV. And that should tell us quite a lot about what sort of people are running network TV.

  4. Anonymous4/17/2008

    Hey Jess, JJ here from PA...

    When I heard about this I was a bit surprised. I'm not a real "Phil fan"...but I did have some respect for the guy. What I had seen of him showed him to be a straight talker that could usually cut through the BS. But now, seems like he's been "converted" to the talk shows like Heraldo and Jerry Springer? OK, maybe not *that* bad but he's headed that way. Chashing convicts and bailing them out? Even if just one of his aids did it...come on! Hope you're doing well! JJ