Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Make an example out of the "Lakeland Eight"

Here you go folks, take a look at the new faces of evil...

Stephen Shumaker, 18

Kayla Hassell, 15

Cara Murphy, 16

Mercades Nichols, 16

Brittni Hardcastle, 17

April Cooper, 14

Zachary Ashley, 17

Brittany Mayes, 17

In Lakeland, Florida, six teenage girls enticed another girl to a house and beat the hell out of her twice, the second time being once she came to after passing out from the first beating. Two teenage boys served as lookouts. Supposedly, but not confirmed yet, this beating was the first of what was to be many in retaliation for an alleged incident of the victim trashing the perps on MySpace. According to the victim's mother, she and her daughter had been notified that the daughter's account had been hacked. But it really doesn't matter WHY these vicious punks did this, they did it and they should pay dearly.

In their jail cell the bitches were observed laughing and joking about missing spring break because of the incident. One of the bitches asked a deputy if she would be released from jail in time for cheerleading practice.

The victim, Victoria Lindsay suffered a concussion from having her head banged against the wall repeatedly. She was beaten so badly her own father didn't recognize her in the emergency room.

It's about time we send the message to today's youth that society is not going to tolerate this. I say now is the perfect time to begin the lesson.


  1. Kind of scary, isn’t it? They look like our own kids. It would be so much easier if they had a scarlet letter on their forehead.

  2. What is going on? I mean my goodness these kids are I dunno! What passes through the minds of them while doing something like that.. you can tell they are not as bright as they thought they were due to the fact that video it and put it on Youtube!!

    I will be praying for you!!

  3. This is horrible. Good for you making their faces public. How is it possible that not one of them had the conscience to stop this?