Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finals are over!

Well tonight I took not just one final but two. I said "screw it" and when I got home from my Algebra final I logged onto WebCT and took my History final. It was challenging but I earned an "A" on it. Only missed two out of twenty questions. Just waiting on Prof to grade the second paper and hopefully I did well on that. I think my analysis of the two sides of the debate "Was the Confederacy defeated due to loss of will" was pretty good! I did take Prof's advice and incorporate the changes he suggested after he critiqued my first paper. I earned an "A" on that one and was hoping for the same on this one. As of last week, I had the highest grade in the class, with #2 more than a dozen points behind me. I've worked really hard in the course and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Our last discussion due Saturday is "what is the most significant event in History that we've covered in this course?" or something like that. Gee, where do I begin?

I suppose I should tell you about the Algebra final. We had two hours to take them, one was 20 questions bubbling the answers in on a scantron form--that was the department's final, the professor gave us a final with 16 of her own questions which we had to write out the work and the answers. The entire test was worth 150 points, 75 each. Prior to the exam, I had a "B+" grade with 478/550 points in the course and had I not taken the final I would have earned a "D" with 478/700 points. I only needed 20 points to earn a C in the course and 70 would have earned me a B. The only way I could have earned an A in the course was to score perfect on the exam. This course has been hard, really hard. I know the material but lose my mind on the test. I figure that I may wind up with about 60 points total on the exam and I'll have a C+. Frankly I don't care. Well I do care, but what can I do? I'm moving on to a logic/statistics/probability topics in math type course in summer and looking forward to it. It's very different from algebra, thank goodness.

I'm looking forward to summer. DH and I are going to try and go back to the college gym two days a week, we need to get back on our weight loss kick and we need to build up our strength. We've been feeling tired, getting aches and pains, damnit he's 34, I'm 38, we're too young for this!

In addition to that I'm taking the math course and another History--this one is World Civilizations which covers ancient history and it should be great. One of the assignments is to write a resume for a historical figure. Now in writing the resume we're not supposed to write it for a particular event, we're supposed to write it in general, highlighting the person's skills, abilities and such. I emailed mom today and asked her who I should write about and we just couldn't figure it out. There are so many great people. I had some ideas--Joan of Arc, Golda Meir, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), Joseph Rainey, oh hell there are a few others I can't recall right now. I also can't remember if the figure needs to be during that time period--I'll have to check the syllabus. I've got fifteen days before school begins so I'm not cracking open a text book till then.

Editing in...the historical figure can be a specific person like Alexander the Great or Muhammad, or a more generic individual like a soldier in the Crusades. Ok so that means this is specific to ancient civilization to the year 1600.

I think my project these next fifteen days will be to read Sherlock Holmes Volume II. If I can get through that I might just tackle a couple of classics.


  1. Good work on the finals! You're doing great. Look how close you are getting to that degree.

    How about Henry VIII? He may not be admirable, but it could be fun to write his resume. He had lots of abilities. :-)

  2. GREAT WORK!!!!! HISTORY Is Awesome! depending what it is on!!!

    You and hubby are young in age.. I work out all the time.. yet still cannot seem to stay away from the Chocolate!

    Have a great Day, and enjoy your "A"


  3. Yeah Henry VIII would be a good one. That reminds me--I need to rent "A Man For All Seasons", I love that movie!!!