Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last week of class!!

UF is cutting back transfer admissions big time. They are cutting back 40% of their transfers in Liberal Arts and Sciences and beginning with over-enrolled majors like History. The college may decide to make things more competitive by raising the GPA required for admission and also on the preprofessional courses. So far I'll have a 4.0 in my preprofessional courses (all History courses) and I am pretty sure I'll earn an "A" in the Ancient Civilizations course I'm taking this summer.

I know I shouldn't worry, I'm a good student and UF takes care of its employees. But still I'd like to earn a spot by being competitive. I want them to WANT me in their program! Not saying that I'd get in with any less, but I just want to do the best I can.

My History prof this term told me not to worry about his course. I've got the highest grade in the class so far, with the next person eleven points behind me. I'm just near an "A" and he says there's no way the person who is third in line and some 20 points behind me is going to do so well that they're going to bump me out of an "A" especially given the work I submit for class. So there should be an "A" coming out of American History this term! I just turned in my paper yesterday. I think it was pretty damned good. I got an "A-" on the first paper, let's see how I do on this one. I began the paper Friday and finished it yesterday. I'd already read the text a few days earlier so I didn't rush this. It came out smooth, I didn't have to ponder too much. I really feel like this is a quality piece, mom and dad liked it. I hope the prof does too! I enjoy reading about the Civil War and this paper examined the contrasting opinions of two authors in regards to the cause of the Confederacy's defeat in the war.

As to Algebra, well, so far believe it or not I've got a B (84) in the class. I'm two points from a B+. However we've got a 150 point final coming up on April 29th. If I don't take the final, I'd have a grade of "D" in the course but of course I am taking it silly! I could score a 50 on it and still get a "C" grade. However I'm going to work really hard this week studying, I'd like to do really well. I haven't got a grade less than B in my degree, why would I want to begin now? But let me tell you that my test grades sucked this term. My algebra tests were 62.50, 79 and 62.50 again.

Yeah, as you can see, I suck when it comes to math exams. Anyway, the highest grade I could earn at this point is an 89.9=90 when you round it up is an "A". But that would require a perfect score on the final.

Yeah uh-huh, I don't think so!

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