Monday, April 14, 2008

Missing dog in Cross Creek, Florida

My blog is read by a lot of people and maybe, just maybe there is someone in the Cross Creek area who will see this and be able to help!

Deb and Gary's beloved 14-year old Sheltie "Macs" is missing. Deb let him out for his morning routine as he has done every day for he past fourteen years of his life. This morning he didn't come back in the house. Deb and Gary have searched the woods, contacted neighbors, posted flyers and now just hoping, hoping he's ok.

Deb set up a blog at with a pic and info. He's a beloved member of the family and they are heartbroken over this.

Please, if you know anyone who lives in the area near Cross Creek, around CR 325, or someone who drives through there daily, please forward this information to them. Maybe we can help Macsy find his way home!

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