Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Made in China = piece of shit

I thought of starting a new blog titled "cheap shit that doesn't work" but I figured out that there aren't enough hours in my day to possibly cover all the shit that doesn't work. What I'm referring to is the cheap-ass crappy shit that's normally made in China and sold at your friendly neighborhood Wally World. But hell, since just about everything is made in China these days, you can feel free to substitute the favorite discount store of your choice in there, doesn't matter to me, they're all shit anyway.

If you read this post, I want you to think about the most recent thing that's broken on you--hair dryer? kitchen utensil? alarm clock? Lamp? Tell us about the shit you have that's made in China (because gee is ANYTHING made here anymore?) that has broken recently.

My most recent episode of shit that doesn't work was a spatula. Yes, your average kitchen variety spatula. DH bought it for me a month ago and I've used it half a dozen times and it fell apart while cooking eggs the other day. Just POOF-fell apart, just like that, no warning, nothing. And there I was with a big ass Texas size omelet and trying to flip it in that monstrous Texas size pan, with a half a spatula with NO handle.

It was well--pathetic.

DH bought the spatula at Publix and thought I should get in touch with them about it but frankly, you get what you pay for. You buy cheap shit, it falls apart. Ask my grandmother how many of those cheap plastic radios she's gone through which have eaten God knows how many of my Old time radio shows on cassette! I finally BEGGED her to stop using those cheap-ass Chinese pieces of shit because all my tapes were getting ruined.

Anyway what piece of shit item have you dealt with lately?


  1. Bless Your heart! I have a lot of cheap trinkets just sitting in a junk draw, and it needs to be in the trash!

    I have been down that road!! You are right Jess, We get what we pay for! I think I have learned my lesson!!


  2. I bought a great little stainless steel knife at WM a month or so ago, I had no qualms about it because it was made by Farberware. I mean, good quality right?? I used it twice, the second time I was cutting a tomato and the top part of the handle just broke off from the blade..a tomato! So I brought it back and got another one, this time I saved the receipt and the package and put itin the drawer for when it breaks again. I guess I should check to see where things are made, but you know me...I don't.

  3. I guess while we're on this topic I should tell you, Grams just recently bought another of those crappy little cassette players.....

  4. Oh LORDY, NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!!