Friday, April 04, 2008

A question for you...

Say your company sponsors the annual Christmas party (planned and paid for by the company) at your house each year . Even though it's a company function it's at your house because everyone likes it there and you don't mind.

Wouldn't you be the person responsible to make sure that there's nothing illegal going on?

I say YES.

If you have a party at your house, regardless of who sponsors it, you need to make sure no laws are being violated. Sure you can't control the behavior of everyone but you also can't knowingly allow people to break the law. Take underage drinking for example. So you didn't pay for the you didn't plan it...doesn't mean you're not in any way responsible for anything that goes on there. If there's underage drinking going on, you have a responsibility to stop it, even if you aren't the individual(s) paying for the function.

What do you think?

**Editing in...I am posting this question after RQ's response to be more clear :) The reason I mention this issue is because I and those I know (of all ages) support it too. There are however, individuals who have in the past, at one time or another allowed such behavior to take place--at their house! Because I've had people at my house before and have never had a problem because you see, I feel that it is my responsibility to be sure everything is "kosher" I decided to find out how the masses out there feel too. Seems we're all in agreement--and frankly I think it's just plain common sense.


  1. *ahem* You damn right, they don't need to drink and then drive home.. Axe that stuff out as soon as you know it is happening...

    I am Jewish as you prolly already know, I have been drinking wine forever! LOL!!

    I am an underage drinker I am only 19 and I only drink my wine at home or when I know I will not move from that spot, it is still not good for me to do that at all, don't let it happen you could be the one that ends up introuble with that!!!

    Good thinking!!! and I know you will stick to it!!!


  2. I 100% agree with you.

  3. And if the cops show up, they could care less who's "sponsoring" - you are now liable.

  4. You are absolutely correct, Jess. If something bad happens, you could be liable. Not to mention how badly you would feel.

    I know that this party is a tradition -- in fact, I signed on just now to pass along some info for it -- but if a tradition is just plain wrong, it should be changed.

    The "company" also needs to think a little smarter about this. It's not a very good example. This is scary stupid.

    Oh, here's what I wanted you to see:

  5. Hi all. Ok let me begin by saying that I think you misunderstood by thinking it happened to "me" it did not in fact there has never been one single incident of such. The reason I asked the question is because there are those persons of maturity and responsibility who let this kind of thing go on, ruining the possibility of future functions because of the liability issue, if you get my point... :)

  6. Yes, by all means, if a party is going on in your home, you are most definitely responsible for your guests safety.You are also responsible to keep the underaged away from the alcohol, or just not invite them alltogether.

  7. It's just unfortunate that some people just let this kind of thing go on, not only putting themselves in a VERY precarious position but also ruining "it" (meaning future functions) for those who DO abide by the rules!