Monday, April 07, 2008

Would you allow the police to go snooping through your home?

What? Are you kidding me?

This outrageous story out of DC is yet another example of the government trying to get around the bill of rights--under the guise of safety of course. They're sending police door to door asking permission to enter and search for guns.

No, they not demanding people allow them into their homes, they are asking permission many people will feel intimidated to the point that they let the police into their homes? How many people are still ignorant of their rights? (I know, no excuse but...the police know the law and that matters!) The same people who are worried about saying a polite "no" to the police are the same ones who are likely to let the police search their car for no reason, because they are afraid to say no to the police.

The DC police chief and mayor used the example of "parents who know or suspect their children have guns in the home."

Amnesty is being offered to anyone with guns.

Yeah ok.

No way. No cops would be searching my home, I don't care what the reason. If you don't have a warrant and probable cause, you can kiss my ass.


  1. Anonymous4/08/2008

    Why would people submit to something like this? I'm with you. No search warrant, no admittance to my house.--ST

  2. I seen this on dateline or something like that before... I would not let anyone in my house at all.. I like that Jess..."If you don't have a warrant and probable cause, you can kiss my ass."

    I second That!!

  3. Sounds like another great bumper sticker idea RQ... LOL

  4. They'd have to physically drag your dad and I out of the house and take us to jail before we let them come in to search any of our belongings. I doubt the police here in Gilchrist County have the kahones to do it! And to think I spoke up against the NRA at one time...

  5. Welcome to the dark side mommie dearest! LOL