Monday, May 12, 2008

And yet another Judge makes an assinine decision...

How do you even rationalize this story?

Butler County (Ohio) Juvenile Court Judge David Niehaus sentenced Brian Gegner to 180 days in jail because his daughter hasn't passed the GED. She was a bit unruly at one time, a truant when she lived with her mother, and when she went to live with her father he didn't fare much better with her, and she admits it was her fault, not that of her parents. Now Brittney Gegner is 18 with a child of her own and her father has to spend six months in jail for something she didn't do.

I feel for Brian Gegner, he did the best he could. And now with six months in jail, he'll likely lose his job which would likely be very devastating for him given these tough economic times.

There's nothing like government stifling the livelihood and productivity of the American citizen eh?

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  1. This is incredibly stupid. Let the damn judge try to make a 16 year old do something and then see if he feels like he can judge this father.

    And let's jeopardize this man's job in these tough times. And let's make the taxpayers foot the bill for housing him. Who will pay his bills while he's locked up?

    This judge ought to be sent to jail for 180 days for sheer stupidity. He should be sentenced to a juvenile facility, where he can learn first hand just how simple it is to make a 16 year old do something she has no intention of doing.