Sunday, May 18, 2008

I spent several hours in the hot sun today helping the folks from Florida Wildlife Care round up the two week old orphaned fawn. We were all wondering if it would happen but finally it did. She was about as tall as a small dog and so very thin from not having eaten in a week since her mother was killed. We were standing there wondering what to do next and she came out from the woods, looked at us, then walked away, a little unsteady on her little feet, down our grated road. She was so very skinny and so small! She trotted down the road a bit and into the woods again and we went searching for her again.

Finally a couple of the gals from FWC caught her as she tried to work her way through the neighbor's fence again. She had been very fond of their fern garden, being spotted there often since her mother was killed. When she was caught, she drank a whole bottle of milk, then some water and right now is resting comfortably with "her kind"--other fawns who have been orphaned through some terrible tragedy that befell their mothers. As for me, I now know every square inch of this fifteen acres of woods, not to mention my allergies are acting up again. My legs bore the brunt with scratches and my muscles are so tired, from running, walking, standing and squatting. I am so damn tired. But it is a good tired, because I know some innocent little creature isn't going to die out there tonight in our woods!

Occasions like this bring out the best in people. Just today DH and I met our neighbors, a really nice couple who moved to the property on the other side of our woods and build a nice house there. We always hear bluegrass music coming from their house on the weekends. The melodies slowly drift along the breeze and through the woods to our house. Turns out the guy's buddies come over to his house and pick for awhile on the weekends. They called us tonight to see if we wanted to go over there and hang out but we have to work tomorrow. It would have been fun, maybe next time if it's on a Saturday night we'll go on over there! They really are nice people and they are the ones who called the FWC about the orphaned fawn. Apparently she spent quite a bit of time in their fern garden.

People like the folks at FWC do this because they care. They care about our environment and our wildlife. Without our wildlife we have no environment, our ecosystem would collapse. The wildlife are important to our own survival.


  1. It's such wonderful news about the little fawn! I always worry about our wildlife here. It seems there are so many people living in this area that don't give a damn about slowing down in the mornings in order to save a life. It would only add a couple of minutes to their drive to work and would make such a difference. These babies are at a critical time in their lives right now, they desperately need their mothers. Thank God for people like you and Florida Wildlife Care for all that you do to help. You may have tired achy muscles, but you can sleep well tonight knowing you've helped to save a life.

  2. The world needs people like you!