Friday, May 16, 2008

I never would have believed it...

if I hadn't seen the story on the news. I have to shake my head and wonder sometimes. What else can I do?

On Friday afternoon I caught a most unusual news story on a fox news channel out of Orlando. A woman had called 911 and reported an 8-foot alligator in the parking lot at her apartment complex. The alligator wasn't moving and wasn't at all acting aggressive. When deputies arrived, one of them, Keith Baughman, decided to throw caution to the wind and wrestle the alligator. He threw a small towel over the alligator's eyes and jumped on its back. The alligator threw him off and bit him in the leg. The other deputy shot the alligator twice, it ran away, and later a wildlife trapper shot and killed the alligator.

What in the hell was this idiot thinking when he jumped on the alligator? Anyone with any kind of common sense would know that the only person who should be wrestling an alligator is someone who is trained to do it. A badge and a gun do not suddenly make you Tarzan Lord of the Jungle.

Had the deputy called the wildlife rescue right away and roped off the area and prevented people from going near the alligator, thus not scaring it and possibly making it become aggressive, the wildlife trapper might have been able to catch and release the animal. I am not sure why the trapper had to kill the animal, perhaps because it was already injured? But if the deputy hadn't tried to wrestle it, his partner might not have had to shoot it and a wild animal who had just "lost his way" might still be alive today.

We humans have caused this mess. With more development comes less area for wildlife to roam freely and as a result there are alligators in backyards and parking lots, bears rummaging through household garbage and wildlife being run over on the highway on a daily basis. And when wildlife becomes a nuisance, the first thing done to solve the problem is to kill the animal. That is so wrong. They were here first and we have to figure out a way to live with them.

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  1. I have to say WOW!!! Because that dude was an idiot! I would have done just what you said, call wildlife first and not even go near it!

    HE wanted to be Steve Irwin!! So Sad the Animal had to die!!!