Friday, May 30, 2008

More on the Patch Perfect saga...

In a world full of customer no-service, it's refreshing when someone actually wants to solve your problem. I often tell my own students that people will make mistakes we're not infallible, but it's how the mistake is rectified that makes the difference.

The guys at Patch Perfect Grass Seed has a google alert set up so they immediately found my blog not long after I posted recently about dad's situation with their mail order customer service folks.

I received an email from Andrew Tobias, one of the founders of Patch Perfect and he was very kind and gracious and offered to rectify the problem. He's been in touch with me and my dad and has not only made sure that Fosdick credits my dad's account but he's sending him complimentary seed. I emailed Andrew back and told him I really appreciated his concern and getting involved. He did explain that sometimes even big companies screw up. I understand that completely, mistakes happen, it's how they are handled that makes the difference as to whether or not you go back. Andrew handled the problem the right way, the complimentary seed was a nice touch but not necessary--dad wasn't out for that, but he is going to accept it. He just wanted someone to solve his problem for him. Andrew Tobias stepped forward and offered to do that. We appreciate his concern and so because he was so kind and generous I wanted to be sure to let my readers know that. It's only fair---

Will keep ya posted.

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