Monday, May 26, 2008

Must be my lucky day...

I found out I earned 104 out of a possible 108 points on my first math test of the semester. I missed one 4-point question BUT earned an additional 5 points putting my final test grade at 109! So far I've got an average of 102.3 in the class LOL. I feel so smart ! :)

I've also got an "A" in my Ancient Civ course this term. I also earned 100% on both the resume of a historical figure and the web research assignment. For that course, one of the assignments was to choose a historical figure of the time period we're studying and write a detailed resume in first person. I chose Sir Thomas More. I've been interested in his life since watching the late Paul Scofield's portrayal of him in "A Man For All Seasons" an excellent film from about 1966. I already knew quite a bit about him but writing the resume really brought out things I didn't know. I was able to elaborate on his qualifications and skills, it was a lot of fun. The second assignment was a web research assignment on a specific person or event of the time we're studying. We had to choose four topics and of those the professor assigned one. My chosen four were Joan of Arc, Martin Luther, Charlemagne, and Galileo Galilei. The professor assigned me Galileo and it was very interesting. I wrote a paper on the man and his work back in high school over 20 years ago and since that time remembered quite a bit about him. When I did this recent project, I did not google Galileo and pick the first ten links and summarize them. No, I researched reputable links with solid contents and in the end I wound up with nearly a dozen very interesting and informative websites at major universities, museums, libraries, and historical organizations and associations. In the end, I learned more about Galileo than I thought possible and I uncovered some more very useful sites for historical research. All in all, both assignments were fun, a great learning experience and very useful!

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