Saturday, May 17, 2008

The other day I wrote about a deer which had been hit near our house. DH and I were sure it was one of "our" deer, one of the many which roam freely throughout the woods around us. Today as we were outside working, we noticed a couple of women in the woods near us, we met them and they turned out to be two nice ladies who work with Florida Wildlife Care.

One of the ladies had a bottle of milk in her hand, one which would be used to feed an animal. Apparently one of our rural neighbors had called them because he'd seen a young fawn running around and resting in his garden and earlier in the week he'd seen the doe which had been killed, he figured that this was probably her fawn. Well these two nice ladies worked very hard to tire the fawn out so they could get to her. She continued to outrun them and so far they haven't been able to catch her. We're going to look out for her in case she comes over here, but she seems to like resting at our neighbor's place so hopefully they will be able to catch her. She is only a bout a week and a half old and maybe 2 feet high if that. Her head might come to my knee, maybe.

The girls told me that if we can catch her, put her in the bathroom or spare bedroom and call them. The likelihood of being able to catch her is better if there are more people trying to corner her and tire her out. She is too young to eat regular food because her teeth aren't formed, she can't even go to the bathroom on her own, and she needs milk. She's burning up what little fat she has and if she doesn't eat soon, she will die. That is, if she doesn't die first from being attacked by a wild dog or some other animal or get run over on the highway.

I saw her running through the woods when the ladies were trying to catch her, she's so cute, with little white spots, but honestly, what are the chances of saving her? I don't know. Maybe she'll tire out and rest in our neighbor's fern garden again and they can catch her.

The two ladies we met today are currently caring for several animals. One of the ladies has six fawn she's taking care of whose mothers were killed and the other lady has a couple of raccoons she is rehabilitating. Florida Wildlife Care has helped my mom before when she rescued injured animals. They are very valuable in their knowledge and their service, and a resource we are all thankful exists! We thanked the ladies for all they do to help the animals and they said they were thankful we were the kind of people who cared about animals.

I can't imagine not caring, can you?

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