Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beware of this company!

Thumbs down to the Fosdick Fulfillment Corporation who handles the mail order fulfillment and customer service for Patch Perfect Grass Seed, among many other products.

Monday night, dad went online to order some "Patch Perfect Grass Seed" as advertised on television. It was advertised at a cost of $27.50 with the option to order double for the same price which dad took as a buy one get one free. He figured if he ordered three he would receive six. When he completed entering his order, the total number of items that came up were three with only one free. Their site states that the buy one get one free is actually a "double" bag to save on containers but it may not have been clear. The first problem was that no total $$ ever showed up on the order. Dad immediately called the company to find out the total $$ and they told him it was $80.00. He didn't want $80 worth, only $19.95. Well dad told them he wanted to cancel the order (remember he had just placed it minutes earlier). The operator "Brittany" told him that she could not cancel the order, that it takes 72 hours because the order isn't in the system yet.

He calls them again Tuesday and again they tell him it hasn't been placed in the system yet, but to call back Wednesday. He calls back Wednesday because when he checked his checking account (used a debit card!) they had already taken the $80 out of his account. He called them immediately and asked for a supervisor. The girl on the phone told him that the supervisors were busy, she refused to let him talk to one. Dad told them he wanted his money back and to cancel the shipment and the girl told him that she couldn't stop the shipment because it was already at the warehouse. She said that his money would be refunded by 5 pm Wednesday night and that he would have to refuse the shipment when it arrived (the shipment of course that hasn't been shipped and she can't cancel and avoid having to refuse in the first place).

Today dad checks and still he has no refund. He calls and talks to Brittany and she tells him that he has to wait 2-3 days for his money., of course it didn't take them long to deduct the money from his account for the order that never shipped. In the meantime, his order hasn't shipped yet, she still insists they can't cancel the order that hasn't been shipped, and she still won't let him talk to a supervisor. He and I were talking about it today and I decided to call them. Not because I don't think dad did a thorough job trying to solve the problem, but because I love giving shit to customer no service assholes.

So I call the company and ask Brittany, who answers the phone, if I can speak with a supervisor. She tells me that first she must solve the problem for me. I tell her that if the problem had been solved already I wouldn't need a supervisor. I talk to her about dad's order and she tells me that she can't go over to the warehouse and cancel the order. I said "you mean to tell me you have NO method of tracking orders in your system?" I ask "what kind of company can't communicate with their warehouse and cancel an order before it ships?" She said she had told my dad that she would refund the cost of the item minus shipping and handling "in good faith" and that once he receives the item he needs to write "Refused" on it and "Return to Sender" and when they receive it back (weeks later no doubt because it's being sent via USPS), then he'll get his refund on the shipping and handling.

Now, why should he even have to go through that? The order still hasn't shipped yet, why are they going to go through the time and labor of shipping the damn thing if he doesn't even want it in the first place?

Well, when dad called back this evening, they wouldn't let him talk to anyone and told him he needed to fax a copy of his bank statement to prove they'd deducted the amount. He blacked out all the important stuff and proceeded to fax it to a number that didn't function.

I've got the consumer complaint form from the Connecticut Attorney General's website and believe you me, a complaint will be filed. This is not how you run a business, this is not how you treat customers!!!

If you have had problems with your order, contact:

Fosdick Fullfillment Corporation
William J. Pappas, President & CEO
26 Barnes Industrial Road North
Wallingford, CT 06492
800-759-5558 (general sales)
203-269-0211 (headquarters)
Fax: 203-679-3290

George Fanolis, Vice President for New Business Development, 203-679-3228

Kelly Gannon, Managing Director - 203-679-3243


  1. As of 10pm on the 29th my money was back in my account. As of 6am the next morning they had taken it out again. It seems I'll never get done with these people.

  2. Hey girl! I'll be west of Gulf Shores ... technically, I guess that's Alabama. :(

  3. This is the trend now, to claim that the very second you click 'order' there is no going back, no refunds, and nothing they can do. And the person at the other end of the phone is of course never authorized to do anything at all, but refuses to put you in touch with someone who can. It's a racket, and it seems to be spreading because they're getting away with it.

  4. conspiracycat6/17/2008

    I too have had a crappy, first time experience with this company. A cardio twister (or cardio crap). Received the unit damaged. Called several times and several times they said a call tag was being emailed and sent regular mail for pick-up. They strung this story til it was almost at the 60 days. I decided to beat their little BS game and pay to ship it back myself before the 60 days were up. I told them DO NOT ship another unit-just issue a refund. They shipped another one ASAP-got it in 2 days. I immediately contacted the DHL and told them to send it back as a refused package. It's been 10 days and no one has contacted me (as if I expected them to). If I do not get a refund after I mail Pappas a certified request for action-I will hit every news media I can think of to enlighten citizens about the corrupt operations and idiotic customer service this company provides. Anyone else that has had bad service from the long list of products they sell can feel free to jump on board with me. Angel Phoenix

  5. I have used Fosdick Fulfillment many times and have purchased many products that they ship. Every time I have purchased an item from them, they have shipped the product very quickly and I have never had any problems.

  6. WOW! Your story is my story and we are still dealing with them! WHat you posted is what we have been going thru...24 to 72 hours...right!!!!! I feel the law needs to step in and see how this company is conducting business! It's so wrong! The stress situation they put you thru is unhuman! They are unhuman! I did contact the Attny Generals of IL and CT, The Consumer Protection of CT, The BBB and Fosdick Fulfillment WIlliam, Andrew and George. Please keep your fingers crossed I get every penny back! Thanks for creating this page...if we can save one person their money we have done our job! Patch Perfect needs to be shut down!

  7. Anonymous6/16/2009

    Hey if you ordered on line you would have heard the org amount was for 50 sq feet but the bag was double with 100sq feet in each bag!!! At 19.95 a bag. You are the dummys

  8. And you are a

  9. Carolyn7/14/2010

    I went through the same thing with this company...Ordered the perfect patch seed...They sent me a double shipment I didn't ask of $223...I sent it back which I had to pay for myself...They then charged me 70 $ for shipping & handing !!! This Company should be put out of business !!!